Brandi Glanville New Project

Brandi Glanville New Project Unveiled!

New Project!

Although we have already confirmed that former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville will return to the show in a few scenes this season, Glanville also has a new project that just debuted. Want details?

Brandi Glanville New Project Details Unveiled


Glanville teamed up with Adrienne Jancic and Annie Girard to create a hilarious spoof of tampon ads that are on TV!

Of course you know who Glanville is, but you may also recognize Janic from her co-hosting TLC’s Overhaulin.

They have also teamed up with Annie Girard, who is a stand up comedian. She has written for Reno 911 on Comedy Central and has done a lot of other work for that network.

The summary of their sketch is that The Tough Bitches bust in on the prettiness and introduce their own line of ‘Tough Bitch Tampons’. They include 3 different fragrances- Lumber, Diesel, and Marlboro Red!

Here is the project for your viewing pleasure:

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