Brandi- Here’s Proof I Asked Leann To Stop Exclusive

Brandi- Here’s Proof I Asked Leann To Stop Exclusive

Brandi Glanville Leann Rimes

Exclusive Email!

Yesterday, we reported that Brandi Glanville had asked Leann Rimes to stop posting pictures of her kids, but Rimes had refused. Soon after, Glanville’s ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian, claimed that Glanville was lying and had never asked Rimes to stop. We reached out to Glanville’s PR and have exclusively obtained an email Glanville sent to Cibrian asking Rimes to stop. Read on to see what she wrote.

Brandi Glanville Leann Rimes Asked To Stop Exclusive Email

Brandi Glanville Leann Rimes

Here is Glanville’s note she sent to Cibrian via email:

“My call this morning was not to fight with you but clearly anytime I need to have a conversation with you, you use it as a time to unleash any and all anger you have going on in your life on me. Eddie first know  Im not mad and these aren’t old antics and I am happy that my children have a loving stepmom so don’t think that has anything to do with this. Im not pissed Im not mad Im hurting yes I have emotions and holidays ESPECIALLY are so hard for me when Im not with my kids. I never thought I would be missing out on half of my children childhood and I never wanted that but unfortunately that is what has happened. As you are very aware I do not have family in town and when the holidays roll around and its your turn to have the kids I struggle,Im lonely for them, I cry I miss them sooooooooo much. Yes even 6 years later I will never get use to not having my baby on every holiday but those are the cards life has dealt me. It will forever be painful to send them off to your house half day on Christmas or allow you to have them on my Halloweens because I know all of their friends live in your neighborhood not mine and they will have more fun and they are the most important thing in my life. I have a RHOBH google alert on my phone and to last night see your wifes social media post of her blended family it cut like a knife. It made me realize yet another year has gone by where I have missed half of my children lives. Its hard enough not seeing them on the holidays but then for you to pour salt in my wound is just mean and unkind please don’t. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just stop the holiday family posts any other time my children step mom has my blessing to snap their picture I get it I made cute kids they are perfect and they are mine. I will forever have trust issues with men thanks to you and I will forever only see my kids grow up half the time thanks again to you but what Im asking is for you to be a better ex-husband. If there is a concert and your their first saving your parents front row seats save me one too IM  THERE MOTHER and its the nice thing to do. If I allow them to spend my Halloweens at your house because their friends all live in your neighborhood possibly invite me to trick or treat with them or Jake. You and I don’t have to be friends we don’t have to like each other but we will forever have 2 people in common and I really would like you to think about them not me but them. Im begging you to be thoughtful and kind to what I go through especially around the holidays that is it- don’t want to fight and I really do hope that one day you and your wife can experience having a baby of your own that you will have full time and never have to share. thats it B.”

Here is proof of the email [Note: No websites/blogs may use this image without credit here, as it is exclusive to our site]:

Brandi Glanville Leann Rimes

We personally think Glanville’s email was heartfelt, kind, appropriate, and not over imposing. It also clearly demonstrates that Glanville asked her to stop.

Brandi Glanville Leann Rimes

Note: Brandi did send us the email before tweeting that she doesn’t want a war. It should be noted we asked her for this email, as she was being called a liar by her ex and we wanted proof to the contrary. This does not change Brandi’s feelings on not wanting a “war with Eddie” whatsoever, but simply demonstrates that she was not lying about asking Leann to stop.


Brandi Glanville Leann RimesTell us- what do you think about the email? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Wow. No matter who Brandi is, it is heartbreaking to read that email. How grownup would it be if Lazy-a** Ed actually invite Brandi to Halloween party or trick or treating. I am sure she would decline, but ASK FFS. Grow up Ed and STOP using your 2nd wife to be your mouth piece. Stand up for your kids and be a real man and father. Last note, GET A JOB IN 2016.

    • It doesn’t prove anything of the sort, Real Mr. Housewives. It proves that Brandi sent off an e-mail to him. Who knows if he even read it, he probably gets 40 a day. What you are claiming is that it proves that Brandi asked Leann to stop posting pictures of the kids, and this clearly does not prove anything. In fact, it confirms what Eddie Cibrian said. She has never spoken to Leann Rimes about this, as they do not speak. Should she photoshop the kids out of their Christmas card? She clearly identifies them as her step-children. You really don’t have some exclusive here. ZSobo thinks he should stand up for his kids? What do you think he did in court? He has 50/50 custody because the Judge determined that that what was best for the boys. He is by all accounts an excellent father. He is a working actor, that means he has to audition for roles. When Brandi dragged him through the tabloid mud for three years for money, then wrote two books trashing him, I believe his reputation suffered. He auditions like everybody else. And their finances are none of anybody’s business. Maybe he doesn’t need to wo

      • Yes, 40 a day is what I think also. How many years has it been? If those boys were the most important thing to her she would conduct herself like a lady out in public to prevent what must be constant embarrassment for everyone in her life, especially her sons. Can you imagine what is said in school? When their friends look her up online? I can. Millions of Mom’s and Dad’s share custody of their children. She seems emotionally stunted at about age 14. What Eddie did to his marriage was awful. What she is doing to those kids now is worse.

  2. It shows that not only is Eddie Cibrian the liar, here. But he’s also in on Leann’s antics. While he’s smiling for the camera in those holiday pictures he knows dam well they WILL be posted online by Leann.

    • All this shows is that she (if she in fact wrote, I am inclined to think so because of the illiteracy) is that she asked Eddie to stop. She did not talk to Leann about it. It’s more than likely that her stalker e-mail was filed in the circular bin That’s the thing when you cry wolf, nobody is listening.
      She always refers to them as her stepsons, but I get what Brandi is saying. Leann is a photographer and she takes a lot of pictures. It’s a bit of a hobby. SO Brandi never spoke to Leann about it, and he was telling the truth. He’s not on twitter. Brandi Glanville has lied about so much to the tabloids for money, that how could they ever trust her again? I know I couldn’t. Brandi has called her every bad name under the sun for six years, time to give it up. I can assure you that my husband’s ex-wife would be very pleased if I included her daughter in family photos. But then again, she’s not a bitter maniac like Brandi.

      • Shut up Leanne, only she would send this above comment (gessiewtf) nonsense.. no caring/rational human being would take her side, after reading this email from Brandi. My husband cheated on me too, and it killed a little piece of me. Now she s step mom to our girls.. a constant reminder 🙁

        • Get real. A rational adult would realize that a loving stepmom would be ABNORMAL to not post pictures of her kids. Sharing custody is not novel. I have many friends who co-parent their children and while they get sad when they don’t have them for the ENTIRE holiday, they don’t begrudge the other parents having a good time with them. Brandi is just being dramatic as sin. What about allllllll the time she was away from them while doing the show or celeb apprentice or going on vacations, etc. It’s when she ain’t got jack to do that it bothers her most.

      • About 3 or 4 months ago, Leann started this vindictive thing where she started referring to her stepsons as “little kiddos” and then worse – “the babies” knowing FULL WELL that calling your kids “babies” is a pet name only a mamma or daddy uses. She’s said “We have the babies all month” and “heading home to the babies” and “having lunch with the babies”. It’s intentionally hurtful & disrespectful and she KNOWS IT.

        • As a stepmother I have to respectfully disagree. We have such a fine line we have to walk. Can’t be mean and wicked. But don’t love them too much. Everyone should just show a little more love in the world. Brandi is the adult in this situation and she has the choice to continue to let things hurt her. Maybe Leann should show more compassion but Brandi needs to stop giving other people so much power. She is the one letting it continue to bother her. Sad thing is her boys are getting older and older and will be able to read all the drama about their lives someday.

      • Photography hobby? Pleeeeze! Leann did not take any of the pics above, nor the thousand of bikini pics of herself. She stages photos and posts just to hurt Brandi. She behaves like a passive aggressive teenager, which just shows her insecurities.

      • it does include the one word that apparently Leann doesn’t understand, ‘Stop’ it’s Brandi’s kids and it’s her call. Ed threatened to sue Brandi if she featured the boys on RHOBH because he didn’t want his boys exposed, but plastering them all over IG and twitter by his now wife is ok? yeah no, which is another word Leann does understand in any language

  3. I wouldn’t believe anything that cheating man/boy had to say. Never. And his wife, ugh. So sad the kids need to spend time there. She’s obviously very intimidate and jealous of Brandi. Otherwise, why the games. Both are nauseating. I tuned into a reality show they had out of curiosity. OMG. I don’t like to put people down….BUT, what a weirdo she is. And him, he just looks like a liar w/no integrity. Never watched it again. I just couldn’t. Brandi is soooooo much better off.

  4. Wow this is an amazing letter. So heartfelt and kind and clearly showing that Brandi puts her children first. My opinion is that Brandi is the better parent and the better person. I hope the Brandi haters and the Leann apologists take notice. They probably won’t but one can hope. This email would never have become public had Brandi not been called a liar by the father of her children. Such a shame he couldn’t just let this one go.

      • I am team Brandi. Concerning her mistakes with spelling and grammar, I don’t think she had planned on publishing it. Also, sometimes, especially under stress, people use the microphone/dictation option when typing. If I feel the need to email someone and have only my phone to do so, it’s hard to do on the tiny keyboard. Then, if I’m upset or in a hurry, I don’t always go back and correct everything. I think she was just upset and anxious to get her point across. I also agree that Eddie and Leann should invite Brandi to things like Halloween and other family events, and I think Leann will reap what she has sown. Leann will never be the boys’ real mom, will always be homely, can never trust Eddie, and is a dirtydawgdik for continuing to rub what she’s done in Brandi’s face. She should be apologizing for her part in the infidelity that may have been the reason those boys don’t live with their natural parents.

  5. Brandi’s email was heartfelt and perfectly reasonable. I feel so badly for those beautiful boys who are being so used by LeAnn to get at Brandi. LeAnn is rightfully insecure because Eddie is a serial cheater without a conscience. That’s why LeAnn can’t stop her obsessive overshares. She’s trying to convince the world and herself how perfect the relationship is but she knows If she lost all her $$$$ Eddie would be on to his next sugar momma in a flash. I’m sure he’s had a piece or three on the side from day 1. The serial cheater type does not change.

    Clearly Brandi has made some big mistakes but her whole life has been torn apart and she is still grieving her old life. I hope she pulls herself together by the time her boys are old enough to realize how their step monster is using them. And she should realize she is much better off without the loser and she can do much better- If she gets her shit together. Do it for your kids Brandi.

  6. GROW UP BRANDI! Your blessed that your children have someone like Leann in their lives. As where many stepmothers are cruel, your children have a loving, supportive, encouraging Stepmom who care deeply for these kids and embraces them despite them not being her own, nor hr having her own. You need to set your childish ego aside, grow the hell up and think about your kids welfare instead of having these tantrums… what is leann supposed to do, refuse to create memories with these children because their real mom will make life hard? Stop it.

    • I don’t think “many” stepmothers are cruel. That’s a myth started by jealous birth mothers that Disney movies helped perpetuate, lol. I wish people would stop with that. A lot of step-kids are the ones who can be cruel, heh. Why didn’t Disney ever do a movie about that, I’ve always wanted to know!

    • How do you even know that she isn’t cruel though? It’s like do you know her personally? all you know i she posts pictures of her spoiling them and taking rides on sleighs with them. What does that prove,? That she has money? It’s so easy for people who a.) don’t have kids or b.) Are stepmothers or have close relationships with their own stepmoms to judge a single mother. I could only begin to imagine what Brandi is going through and I’m not a single mother but If life had dealt me her cards, and I had to watch my son share magical moments with a woman who purposely torments me ( as proven through pictures) Leann has access to social media just as much as brandi does and has more than likely heard brandi say she doesnt appreciate it) .. Anyways I’d be seriously upset to. Leann needs to understands that she is now standing in the spot that Brandi used to have. I find Leanns posting on social media equivalent to someone eating a big meal infront of a homeless person who’s watching and starving. You wouldn’t have the heart to do it.. Leann just doesnt care because she doesnt understand.

    • It is cruel to intentionally hurt her step chldren’s mother and taunt her with photos knowing full wee how much it herts her. LeAnn is a snake. I won’t feel sorry for her when she catches her douchebag husband cheating- and she will.

  7. All the email proved is she sent it to Eddie, so she actually didn’t ask LeAnn anything. Neither side is innocent, and sorry you can’t censor what type of photo your ex husband takes. Imagine if your ex sent an email saying “don’t take pictures of the kids on Fridays, those days are SO SPECIAL to me. If you do I’ll get drunk and cry like every other night” GTFO! Grow UP!

  8. Wow, always liked Brandi, and already knew how tacky, and cruel Leann is.. so no real shock after reading Brandi’s heartfelt email to Eddie. Made me cry actually…

    Those two (Eddie & Leann) know exactly what they are doing, they are not idiots.., they are being cruel and mean on purpose.. why? because that is the type of people they are, hence.. why they found eachother and, are WITH eachother. Leann left a real nice guy for this idiot. Anyway, so sorry Brandi, I really don’t see your future with this woman and her actics, getting better..sorry to say. but I pray they do. I also pray, that Eddie cheats on her!!

  9. I have a soft spot for Brandi. She didn’t take Eddie’s cheating lying down and made a career out of it. She over shares, is her own worst enemy but she’s not a mean spirited person. Leann on the other hand is a complete bitch. And Eddie has so much hate for the mother of his children. I think they should all agree as adults that ALL refrain from posting pics of the kids around the holidays. Doubt Leann would agree because she really has no career outside of tormenting Brandi with her own kids

    • Not a mean spirited person? She admitted trying to “take down” Lisa V., she drunkenly & with glee told the world that Adrienne didn’t bear her children, she outed Kim as a junkie meth addict, she continuously (with glee) bullied Joyce Giraud with names she knew upset her, she violently threw a glass of wine in Eileen Davidson’s face, and she slapped Lisa across her face. Those are just things I can think of offhand, lmao.

      Yeah, she’s real tenderhearted.

  10. I have watched kids in a college computer class type up official looking emails in under 3 minutes. It was a lesson our instructors were talking about in my law class and was done to show how easy it is to forge emails for any number of reasons. Did Brandi make this up? Maybe yes, maybe no but I will not give her the benefit of doubt strictly due to her past actions on and off of reality tv, flat out lying about most everything and when she gets caught says “that’s what I heard!” Truth cannon Brandi is Not! The kids live with both parents 50/50 and the photos are of normal everyday activities and the boys look happy when they are around their “Bonus Mom.” Brandi needs to go back to school to learn how to properly write which is another red flag, like the email was very hastily written for a quickie interview. JMO

    • June, your letter is missing commas to separate parts of your compound sentence, and your period goes after the quotation marks in “Bonus Mom”. You also made two other mistakes not counting what was arguably a run on sentence. You made a point of saying you are educated, but you didn’t bother to correct your mistakes. I say this without hubris. You are probably an estimable, well meaning person, and I don’t mean to offend you. Students learn basic grammar and punctuation in fifth grade, but no one is perfect. Stressful situations can bring about carelessness. I hear bad grammar on every housewife show. I just don’t think it’s fair to insult Brandi. Should my physician go back to school because he tells patients to lay down?

  11. You people are extremely naive. It’s so easy to type an email, send it to yourself- then when she forwarded it to this site, change the date/time, and “to” field. It’s super easy to forge this. Also how did anyone read it? Does she not know how to punctuate?

  12. Brandi has her many flaws, but I can completely sympathise.

    I would be upset if my husband’s second wife was posting traditional family photos with our kids around the holiday season.

    When I saw the thanksgiving & family christmas photos LeAnn posted I thought they were inconsiderate at best, rather creepy at worst (considering her eerie Single White Female attempts to become Brandi’s doppleganger in the past).

    By all means, email or post close friends and family the “Christmas family portrait” card but you don’t have to instagram it/ rub your predecessor’s face in the fact she has been replaced by a younger, richer version.

  13. Read the email and you see that Brandi referenced a telephone call that took place the same morning as the email was sent. Brandi then goes into the discussion of photos posted on Holidays, it is obvious that the telephone call was also about holiday photos but Eddie was so nasty to Brandi on the phone it couldn’t be discussed reasonably. Therefore Brandi was forced to put her feelings into an email. Brandi gets her feelings across without any anger or meanness on her part, even saying she is glad the children have a loving stepmother. Brandi has stated that she made her feelings know in person, by email and by tweeting. If Eddie is such a callous person as to refuse to read emails from the mother of his children then shame on him. But the email is not necessarily the only way Eddie was told, it certainly does not seem so by the wording of the email. It may be normal to snap family pictures but it is not so normal to post them all over your social media at the expense of their actual mother. To me this seems like bullying, rubbing it in their actual mothers face when you know it breaks her heart–something that is callous and unfeeling. Also these pictures are not just family photos they are posed more like photo ops than a family enjoying their time together. Eddie and Leann say how much they love these children but if you love children so much then respect their actual mother–showing disrespect for Brandi is also showing disrespect for the children. Just my opinion.

      • Sure a mother calling her ex about his children is harassment. Alrighty then. What do you call a father that doesn’t work, lives in the lap of luxury off his wife and pays such a ridiculously small amount of child support. I wouldn’t believe anything Leann or Eddie said if their lips came notorized.

  14. Nobody is catching on to the implication that she bombards him with e-mails and phone calls to make him angry. She admits to it. Secondly, she admits that she has antics. Her definition of antics might be somebody else’s definition of harassment. I believe that Brandi has steadily and with intent harassed Eddie Cibrian beyond the point where he even reads her e-mails anymore. She writes two books belittling him and his wife. TWO. She makes it her “schtick” to be the downtrodden ex-wife, when in fact she is vindictive to the point of being a sociopath. Look at the definition of sociopath. Her face is there. She admits to selling stories to tabloids for three years for money. She says that when nothing was going on she might have to embellish a little bit. (make up lies) Book 1. She tells the world that Eddie Cibrian loved her so so much, and he wouldn’t have left her except that Leann enticed him. That marriage was already broken down. Nobody can break up a marriage except the two people in it. She spins everything to be the victim. Yet, she doesn’t even tell the truth of their marriage. Eddie Cibrian doesn’t need arm candy. He is arm candy. You were not his arm candy, you were somebody who he had sex with in a bathroom stall, and with whom he became sexually enthralled with. When that started wearing off, you brought other women into the marriage for sex. I would say that is a 100% disastrous decision on your part and led to his opinion that he had permission to cheat. After a while the lines between having “rules” about how much or how little penetration is involved, or whatever, means nothing to a guy. It’s not a very big leap to doing it with Brandi to doing it without Brandi. Your desperate attempt to keep him backfired 100%. You destroyed the sanctity of the marriage, and we know that all of those women weren’t single, so you were the first one to cheat with a married person. A marriage based only on sexual gratification does not have any legs to stand on. He was no longer in love with you and you knew it, but you were with him, and your behavior in court is what caused him to get 50/50 custody. The DUI didn’t help either. Since then you have made it your life’s work to ruin his career and reputation only so you can gripe that he doesn’t have a job. Maybe people don’t hire him because they are afraid of the drama that comes along with him like a ball and chain which is you. People just don’t do to other people that they once loved, the things that you have done. Those books are there for your kids to read. Your filthy, raunchy behavior on RHOBH which you told your kids was “acting” did not stop once you were fired, it only gave you more time to plot against them. You have serious problems, lady. And the real reason you are single is because everybody can see what happens to somebody who breaks up with Bandi Glanville. You are sexually promiscuous and proud of it. You use the most filthy language to describe Leann and Eddie and even your own children. You show terrible judgement in parenting by posting embarrassing photos of your kids in their underwear and calling them curse words. Your mouth is a dumpster. People who cannot express themselves because of borderline I.Q.’s need to use curse words because they have difficult communicating. Instead of buying a modest house when you were making money, you somehow blow it all and end up with no home once again. Have you ever stopped to think why you cannot make a home for those boys? I don’t know the answer, but the facts on the table thus far are that you can’t.
    So, I can see why Eddie Cibrian barely (if at all) glanced at your e-mail. I’m sure he received hundres of drunken e-mails a week and has become desensitized to them. You are the world’s leading example of a bitter, obsessed ex-wife. Think of your children. You are supposed to love them more than you hate your ex-spouse.

  15. This doesn’t really prove anything. In her original comments, she said she “asked LeAnn” to stop, but she wouldn’t. Clearly, she doesn’t even speak to LeAnn, so that wasn’t true. If she loves her kids as much as she says she does, she should stop making all these fights public.

    • Even if Brandi asked Leann through Eddie she still asked Leann. She did the right thing going through their father. Now apparently Eddie being caught in a lie, is saying he didn’t read her email, since it appears that she discussed this very thing on the referenced phone call I don’t believe for one second that Eddie and Leann didn’t know Brandi’s feelings on this. When Leann and Eddie disrespect the mother of Eddie’s children they are also disrespecting the children. Every time I read a comment by Eddie or Leann regarding Brandi they say that the negativity comes from only one side, like they have rehearsed over and over what to say and if they say it often enough someone will believe it but clearly this is not the truth. Eddie decrys his ex wife’s speaking about him negatively while he is speaking negatively about her putting her down in effect speaking out of both sides of his mouth. Apparently it is ok for Leann and Eddie to have a Reality TV show where they bash Brandi but let her say one thing about them and it’s on. All Brandi said was that the posting of holiday photos hurt her feelings and she had asked for it to stop. Nothing so unreasonable there.. It was Eddie that came out swinging with a full scale attack calling Brandi a liar and what he said in his follow up is even worse. What does Eddie think that his children will only see what Brandi says on the net and not what he says? This is all just my opinion but I will never side with cheaters.

  16. Brandi can hardly document conversations she has had in person with Eddie or Leann unless someone recorded them. Eddie says Brandi doesn’t talk to Leann–but if part of what he said isn’t true then everything is suspect. Once a liar and cheater………