Danielle Staub Joe Masalta Engagement

Danielle Staub's Engagement Was Fake! Exclusive

Faked Engagement!

A few months back former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub announced that she was engaged to Joe Masalta. At the time, we had exclusively reported that she was searching for a free ring and then exclusively reported on how their engagement seemed to be over quickly. We spoke to Masalta on record recently to find out what the deal was with their engagement.

Danielle Staub Joe Masalta Engagement Faked Exclusive

“There never was a real engagement,” Masalta exclusively told us.

So how did it come about that Staub announced they were “engaged?”

“Danielle and I were talking on FaceTime, and she told me we should change our Facebook status to say engaged,” he explained. “I thought it was more playful and fun and never took it to be a serious engagement.”

“To clarify,” he added,”there was no proposal, we were never actually engaged, and I never bought a ring or had an intention of buying one.”

So why would Staub go to the press and say she was engaged? “I think that she was trying to stage the story in a desperate attempt to get back on Housewives,” Masalta revealed. “It’s sad because I thought she liked me for me, but I see now that she was actually using me in an attempt to return to the show.”

This wasn’t the only thing we spoke with Masalta about, so stay tuned for more information soon.

Tell us- are you surprised Danielle faked her engagement? Sound off in the comments below. 

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