Tamra Judge Daughter In Law

Tamra’s Daughter-In-Law Bites Back At Dr Criticizing Her Exclusive!

Come Correct!

Earlier this morning, an article appeared on Radar Online about Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judges Granddaughter, Ava Ryan. The article claimed her Mom, Sarah Rodriguez, had posted on Instagram about Ava’s health issues. Radar reached out to a Doctor, F. Perry Wilson,  who disputed what Rodriguez said, calling it an ultrasound fluke.

We spoke exclusively to Rodriguez today, who was less than happy with what the Dr. said and wanted to respond.

Tamra Judge Daughter In Law Doctor Criticism Response

This doctor clearly has no idea what he’s talking about,” Rodriguez exclusively told us.
She then went on to explain that, “In the midst of your pregnancy, you do a big 20 week ultrasound. They check the baby and they found that there was a mass that they were unsure as to what it was on her left kidney.”
Tamra Judge Daughter In Law
“They referred me to a perinatal specialist to monitor the baby while in utero,” Rodriguez continued. “Every four weeks I would go in and have her kidneys checked out while I was pregnant. As her kidney grew, the mass got smaller. They knew that it was not a tumor from these visits.”

“Then, when they did the measurements,” Rodriguez elaborated, “they realized they said the first diagnosis was a pelvic kidney– when you’re in utereo when you’re a baby they all develop in the pelvis and then, once the baby grows, they move up into the place where they’re supposed to be. Sometimes a kidney will get stuck in the pelvic area because that’s where it originally fromed. They said sometimes it’s functional, sometimes it’s not functional, but we had to wait.”

Tamra Judge Daughter In Law

Rodriguez detailed that, as things progressed, “We went in and they said her kidney seems to be in the right place but it’s extremely long. By then the mass was gone. They were having a hard time seeing a blood supply to it, though, so they didn’t know if it was functioning or not. They couldn’t tell that until she was born.”
“At the next visit four weeks later,” she continued, “they said her kidney was great and I didn’t have to be seen anymore. They discharged me from being monitored.”
Tamra Judge Daughter In Law
Unfortunately, this wasn’t the end of the road, as Rodriguez said, “Three months later I gave birth to Ava and that day they did an ultrasound and they said that her left kidney was not traceable. We thought she had no kidney. I have records of everything. Then, when we moved down to Southern California, we had to get into the nephrology unit.”
“On 11/12,” Rodriguez elaborated, “Ava saw Dr. Nguyen at Choc Children’s Hospital in Orange County. We saw him and he looked through her records and her current ultrasound and diagnosed her with multi cystic displasitc kidney. That definition is it has no function and usually involutes or shrinks away with time. What that means is she didn’t have a functioning kidney and it kind of disintegrated into tissue. A lot of the times it’s not detectable on ultrasounds because it’s dead tissues. In the easiest terms, it means it disappeared.”
Tamra Judge Daughter In Law
The right kidney grew for the left kidney being absent,” she added. “Her right kidney is doing the job of both which is amazing. Long term, they want to see her every six months with an ultrasound so they can make sure whatever caused the left kidney to disintegrate doesn’t happen to the right kidney.”
Rodriguez wrapped with telling us that, “To note, I do work for multiple nephrology doctors at Renesan Software that I have at my fingertips that have said this is common, unlike what the misinformed Dr. quoted in that article claimed.”
Tamra Judge Daughter In Law
Rodriguez also explained to us that she did try to contact the Dr. Wilson, but received no response.
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