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Neil Bowlus Married At First Sight Exclusive Interview

Neil Talks!

We are loving A&E’s Married At First Sight. We recently got the opportunity to interview star Neil Bowlus. What did he have to tell us? Read our Q&A below.

Neil Bowlus Married At First Sight Exclusive Interview

Q: What made you want to go on this show?

A: The science behind the matchmaking process propelled me to join Married at First Sight. To have 4 experts in your corner is a rare opportunity.

Q: What was going through your head moments before you got married?

A: My nerves were thinking about all the unknowns and I was excited to finally meet this person who had gone through the same rigorous screening process.

Q: What was the first word that popped in your head when you saw your new spouse?

A: Beautiful!

Q: Knowing what you know now, would you repeat this experience again?

A: Absolutely. The rewards greatly outweigh all the time, effort and hard work that is put into the marriage. The amount of knowledge gained about oneself and about marriage/relationships is tremendous.

Q: What was the hardest thing about being “married at first sight?” What was the easiest?

A: The hardest thing about being “married at first sight’” is the communication between strangers. With different styles of communication, it can be difficult to understand each other. The great part of MAFS is that you have numerous tools to facilitate growth. Nothing about MAFS is easy. Being in a unique union, outside of your comfort zone, everything becomes a challenge and it requires hard work. If it were easy, we probably wouldn’t learn much.

Q: How has the show airing affected your life?

A: Other than being recognized by a handful people it’s been business as usual. Everyone has been supportive and I appreciate that.

Q: What has people’s general response been to the show?

A: In person, people love to ask questions that I cannot answer and then offer their welcomed opinions about everything Married at First Sight. On the interweb, people have been a bit more vocal about their feelings, positive and negative, to which I don’t give much attention.

Q: What can we expect from you the rest of the season?

A: More awkwardness, wide-eyed expressions (my right eye might fall out), some sarcasm, confusion, clarity, dedication and more tank tops.


Q: Did you feel emasculated by Sam as you began your marriage?

A: I did feel emasculated early on in the marriage. Some of Sam’s comments hinted towards her feeling that I wasn’t “man enough” in her eyes. After a few instances it turned from a joking feeling to an insulting one. After having a discussion about it, we were able to work through it and help identify areas for improvement.

Q: How do you think your Grandmother being from an arranged marriage affected your marriage?

A: My Grandmother’s arranged marriage showed me that what I am doing is possible. The day of the wedding my grandmother told me it would be hard work and that everything would be okay. Her experience paved the way for my decision to be married at first sight and her expert advice has been influential.

Q: Why do you feel the car accident brought you closer?

A: The almost car accident brought us closer because at that moment we realized why we were matched together. Prior to that, we could only see the differences and when I was able to calmly assist Sam during an intense moment, how we would benefit each other came to light.

Q: Anything else you want to add?

I hope that viewers are able to take away something from the show. Whether they learn something about themselves or relationships I believe everyone can gain something from this experience.

Tell us- what did you think of Neil’s interview? Sound off in the comments below.

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