Brandi Glanvile Talks Her 'Bad Boyfriend'

Bad Boyfriend!

Recently, Brandi Glanville had previously been rumored to be romantically linked to Calum Best– something that was never confirmed- it seemed Glanville is angered with a new “bad boyfriend.” What do we mean?

Brandi Glanvillle Hoverboard Bad Boyfriend

Recently, Glanville had an accident with a hoverboard!

On January 9th, Glanville posted the following:

Brandi Glanville Hoverboard

This was followed up with the following, that more graphically detailed the injuries she had:

Brandi Glanvillle Hoverboard

While it seemed Glanville was done with hover boarding after the incident, it looks like she may end up getting back on, as she recently described it as being akin to a bad boyfriend:

Brandi Glanville Hoverboard

Personally, we think Glanville has a lot of guts to even contemplate getting back on the hoverboard after her injuries. We are too scared to get on one simply BECAUSE people have gotten injured, let alone after an injury.

Time will tell if Glanville gets back on her “bad boyfriend,” so stay tuned here.

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