The Jimmy Case

Jimmy Case Is The New Must Have Accessory

A Must Have!

Last year, we started to notice that wallet-style iPhone cases were becoming a big trend. It seemed to make sense to us, but wasn’t something we deemed as necessary until we ventured to Europe. Due to the fact that we were traveling a lot, it seemed easier to have one thing to carry both cards and the phone in; however, our main complaint was always the bulkiness of the case. This is where the Jimmy case, an innovative case maker, has made huge strides. What do we mean?

Jimmy Case Is The New Must Have Accessory

The Jimmy case is an innovative accessory in that it looks like a traditional phone case with a catch- there’s a pouch on the back of the phone to hold credit cards and some cash (if you want).

While we were skeptical of the case at first due to our wondering if the pouch would be secure, we can definitely attest that the pouch holds our cards firmly and securely.

It also makes talking on the phone more comfortable than other wallet cases, as there’s no “extra flap” in your hands.

Here is a picture of the case we are currently using on our phone:

The Jimmy Case

We would highly recommend the Jimmy Case as 2016’s must have accessory if you are an iPhone user.

Head here to purchase one today!

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