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Joe Masalta- Danielle Insisted She Was Returning To RHONJ Exclusive

Delusional Danielle!

Recently, we spoke with Joe Masalta, former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub’s ex-fiance. He exclusively told us that the engagement was fake. Now, we have more information on Masalta, on how Staub claimed she was “going back to the show.” Want details?

Joe Masalta Danielle Insisted She Was Returning To RHONJ Exclusive

Danielle told me repeatedly that she was being invited back to the Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Masalta exclusively told us. “She claimed they had invited her back each season since she left.”
Masalta recounted one of the many stories Staub told him about “returning to Housewives,” claiming that, once after they broke up, “Danielle called and told me one day that she had to go into New York City for a meeting about her returning to the show. Fifteen minutes later, she called to tell me that the network was flying her on a private jet to Chicago to their offices there to see her in person. Clearly, it was a delusional lie and she was a pathological liar.”
Masalta offered up a text message from Staub, proving the conversation:
 Joe Masalta Danielle
Although Masalta did reveal that Staub and him did record an “audition tape” of sorts at the beginning of their relationship for her return to the show, at this point he had still believed her.
“She had been pushing for me to do this interview,” he told us. “She claimed the network kept reaching out to her and was going to send a car for her and to prepare for tons of paparazzi to be waiting for her. They never sent a car for her and we had to take an uber in. In addition, no one was waiting for her. This set off a big red flag for me.”
“Nothing ever came of that tape anyway,” Masalta told us, “and I’ve since learned the network thought she was a joke.”
In addition to the stories he shared, Masalta exclusively shared another text message from Staub from after they broke up, where she claimed in November that Bravo loved their audition tape. She was hoping that Masalta would stay quiet about their break up, as she needed him for her RHONJ return.
 As you can see in the text- and something he made clear to us- he told Danielle there was absolutely no chance of him doing RHONJ unless he made at least 50% of what she was being “offered.” In addition, he simply didn’t believe anything she had to say to say at the point the following text exchange occurred:
Joe Masalta Danielle
Why did he ask for 50%? “I had helped Danielle with her rent,” Masalta told us, “and I never saw any of that money back. I didn’t help her for anything in return, but I simply didn’t believe her at this point when it came to money or the show. When I told her I wanted 50%, I was testing her to see how far she would carry her lies.”
All of this was all a big lie on Danielle’s part,” Masalta wrapped with telling us. “She was hoping that by using me as her ‘fiance,’ the network would want her back. It simply didn’t work.”
Stay tuned for more stories with Masalta soon.
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