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Doctor Calls Tamra’s Daughter In Law To Apologize! Exclusive

Apology Issued!

Last week, we exclusively reported Real Housewife of Orange County star Tamra Judge’s daughter-in-law, Sarah Rodriguez’s, response to a doctor commenting to the tabloids about her daughter, Ava. Today, we have learned that the Doctor, F. Perry Wilson, actually CALLED Sarah to apologize. We have details and a comment from Sarah and Tamra below!

Tamra’s Daughter In Law Called By Doctor For Apology

Sarah exclusively revealed that, “When I got on the phone with him I was ready to get defensive. I said, ‘First of all, I want to know where you got the information about my daughter and why you felt it necessary to comment about my daughter when you never saw her as a patient.’ He told me he was contacted by the tabloid with a question and was not told it was about a specific patient- meaning, he didn’t know it was about my daughter.”

“He said he read my response to the article and told them that the only thing that could have happened to Ava was multi cystic dysplastic kidney,” Sarah continued. “That comment was somehow left out of the report. They didn’t tell him their question was about anyone specific, either, but rather told him it was just a blunt question. He also apologized if he overstepped his boundaries. He was also very nice and very apologetic.”

“In addition,” Sarah addd, “he also said that his words had been twisted.”

Tamra, who is Ava’s Grandma, gave us her thoughts, dishing that, “This is just another example of how tabloids have zero facts and write nonsense stories just to get views on their websites. Kids are off limits. Shame on them!”

We also reached out to Dr. Wilson to find out from his perspective what happened.

“Basically, I am not a watcher of the show and wasn’t familiar with any of these people,” Dr. Wilson told us. “The reporter reached out to me because I’m a kidney doctor. I was under the impression it was just to get some background information because of an Instagram post about Tamra’s Granddaughter claiming her kidney had disappeared.”

“The reporter said I was looking into it,” he continued, explaining they asked, “Can kidneys disappear? That seems like a strange thing to happen. My opinion was I’m here to provide… background information on this. So that’s what I did.”

So what did Dr. Wilson tell the reporter? “I explained to her that it’s very rare, but there are a couple of conditions- particularly in children- where kidneys can involute or get reabsorbed into the body and kind of disappear. One of them is multicystic kidney disease, which turns out to be the condition Ava had, is one of those cases where the body can reabsorb it over time.”

“I had mentioned that specific condition as a possibility to the reporter,” Dr. Wilson added. “Although it didn’t appear in the article.”

“I was really just trying to provide background information,” he elaborated. “I guess the tone of the article surprised me most of all, that it was almost like I was implying that there was some horrible misdiagnosis or something. Obviously, I would never diagnose a patient whose medical records I haven’t seen… There was selective quoting (in the article).”

Dr. Wilson also also confirmed what Sarah told us about her follow up conversation with him, adding that the reporter had mentioned the Instagram post, but he was under the impression that he was commenting on the question asked by the reporter which was “Can a kidney disappear?” not “Did Ava’s kidney disappear?”

Tell us- what do you think about Dr. Wilson’s words being twisted? Sound off in the comments below.

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