Normal Gamblers

Normal Gamblers Who Became Household Names

Are you a keen gambler who wouldn’t mind some recognition every now and then? Maybe you think some of those big wins you enjoyed should have earned you a shot at stardom? So far you haven’t made the transition from online gambler to TV personality but, never fear, it may not be too late. There are plenty of gamblers who have hit the big time and found fame.

Ashley Revell

Remember back in 2004 when Ashley Revell, the average Joe, decided to set off to Las Vegas with his life savings and gamble it all? Sky One made a mini TV series about it called Double or Nothing. The series followed the 30-something-year-old as he prepared to bet $135,000 on the spin of a roulette wheel in the Plaza Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas. Deciding not to heed the advice of his family and friends who were desperate for him not to take such a huge risk, he proved that ignoring loved ones can pay off and doubled his money. He bet on red and watched gleefully as the ball settled in a red square.

People who play online roulette with 32red, Sky Vegas, Full Tilt, and similar sites, may prefer to play the wheel with some kind of strategy and make the most of the online promotions to win small amounts. But this man’s willingness to stake such a large amount of money on the single spin of a wheel attracted so much attention that he shot to stardom from being a nobody. The TV show, Las Vegas, even based one of its episodes on Revell’s story, and Simon Cowell said Revell was the man who inspired his game show, Red or Black.

Dan Bilzerian

There are plenty of well-known poker players, as the World Series of Poker and other events are televised and hugely popular. Fans of the game will be familiar with a lot of the professionals who usually make the final rounds, but the most famous of all of them has to be Dan Bilzerian. He made his name as a professional poker player and featured in six episodes of the 2009 World Series of Poker television broadcast. A year later he was voted as one of the funniest poker players by Bluff magazine.

Bilzerian’s charm and witty nature has led to the blossoming of what could become a very successful career. He launched his acting career as a stuntman in Olympus has Fallen and made appearances in other films such as The Other Woman and The Equalizer the following year. He is due to appear alongside Bruce Willis in 2016 in Extraction.

Along with these things he has also become an internet sensation through social media. Millions of people follow him on Facebook and he has become known as the “King of Instagram”. It seems that many people enjoy living vicariously through him as he posts endless pictures of himself relaxing on beaches and in private jets with incredibly beautiful women.

Not all poker players become as famous as Dan Bilzerian but if you think you have what it takes then maybe it’s time to get practicing. Playing online poker at Pacific Poker, 888, and 32red will help you hone your skills in preparation for the World Series of Poker.

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey is another poker player who shot to prominence through the World Series of Poker, he and is considered as one of the best players in the world. However, he is perhaps more famous for his incredible baccarat win of $9.6million at Atlantic City’s Borgata casino. He claimed he won the money through skill, but there has been a lot of dispute over this, serving to raise Ivey’s profile in the public eye even further.

Along with these gamblers who have gone from being normal guys to household names, quite a lot of celebrities go in the other direction. There are plenty of famous stars who are also known to enjoy a gamble. The legendary Australian leg-spinner, Shane Warne, has enjoyed success as a poker player, along with Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, who has appeared in the World Series of Poker.

In this modern age where it is so much easier to make a name for yourself, it wouldn’t be surprising if the public were to see even more average guys becoming famous celebrities.

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