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Katie Rost- Money Is NOT Why I Love Andrew Exclusive

Not About Money!

The Real Housewives of Potomac just began but already there is a lot of drama brewing both on screen and on social media. Katie Rost, one of the Housewives, got slammed with a lot of criticism Sunday evening, from fans claiming she was only with her boyfriend Andrew Martin for his money. We spoke to Rost exclusively to get her response to this. 

Katie Rost RHOP MoneY Not Why I Love Andrew Exclusive

I got a lot of nasty notes immediately following the show, claiming that what I really love about Andrew is his money and how good he is with it,” Rost exclusively told us.
So what is her response to this?
This could not be further from the truth,” she revealed. “He is a financial advisor and is great with money. He helped get my finances back in order after my horrible divorce.”
“He assists in managing my money for free,” she elaborated “This has helped with things such as getting my kids a college fund established.. He truly has been a lifesaver.”
“However,” Rost added, “that has nothing to do with why I love him. I love him because he’s a great man. Period.”
There you have it- the truth right from Rosts’s mouth.
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