Steven Avery Tried To Blackmail & Threaten Ex-Fiance

Blackmail and Threats?

Recently, we covered how Steven Avery‘s ex-fiance, Jodi Stachowski, claimed he was guilty of murdering Teresa Halbach. Now, Jodi has passed over a letter to TMZ where she proves that Avery threatened and blackmailed her. Want details?

Jodi Stachowski Steven Avery Blackmailed and Threatened Her

The letter she handed over to TMZ is a letter from Avery in August of last year.

In the letter, he claims she owes him money and there ARE threats made if she doesn’t pay him back the money he claims she owes him.

These include:

– writing to the sheriff’s departments to claims she drives drunk all the time 

sending her license plate number to the aforementioned offices 

– a specific threat that if he doesn’t have the money by 9/30/15, he will be sending the letters

– a threat of “money or jail.”

He also name calls Stachowski quite a bit in the letter.

Tell us- what do you make of this letter? Why do you think Stachowski released it? Sound off in the comments below.

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