RHOP Premiere Party

Katie Rost's Friend Talks RHOP Premiere Party Drama Exclusive

Premiere Party Drama!

The Real Housewives of Potomac hosted their premiere party over the weekend. During the party, cast member Katie Rost issued a tweet that said, “Shout out to Robyn for setting up this lovely event and putting me in the worst table, we will talk later #rhop.” Since we were present at the party, we spoke to a friend of Rost’s- who asked to not be named- to find out what she meant by this tweet. We also spoke to Robyn to get her side of the story. Want details?

RHOP Premiere Party Drama Exclusive

Katie was extremely offended,” the friend exclusively told us. “Robyn had sent her a message the night before the premiere saying the venue wouldn’t be providing any food.”
“Katie’s really sweet,” they continued, “so she baked cupcakes and brownies to bring. She made them into really nice arrangements.”
“When she arrived at the party tonight,” they continued, “she found out she had the worst table in the house. There was champagne bottles given to all the women, but Katie and costar Ashley did not receive any.”
“In addition,” her friend told us, “Katie’s desserts were put out onto all of the other women’s tables, but Katie’s table were not provided with any of the desserts she had baked. This left her personal guests with no champagne and no food. It was disappointing for her to say the least.”
“Regardless,” they wrapped with saying, “Katie is a great girl and I’m certain she’ll get past this. She’s not the type to hold onto grudges; however, rest assured based on that tweet that she will be addressing it with Robyn prior to moving on.”
We did reach out to Robyn to get her side of the story and she told us that, “She could of just addressed me right then and there and if she wanted to change tables, she could have had my table that only sat four people. Instead, I gave her the table that fit eight people consider I thought she would appreciate that. So there was a trade off.”
“My table was in the center but it only fit four people,” Robyn continued. “All of my people had to stand. If you have a problem with it, speak. Just come to me and say something.”
“I helped organize it (the party), but I didn’t care where anybody sits,” Robyn continued. “This was not intentional at all.”
And what about the champagne? “As far as the champagne goes,” Robyn explained, “the promoter asked me- I think at first they didn’t initially realize those tables in the back were for cast. He came up to me and said, ‘Are those tables in the back for cast?’ I said yes. He asked specifically because they were handing the champagne out.”

“Whether or not it got taken care of, I don’t know,” she continued.

Robyn further clarified the situation, saying, “We all have mouths. We can all speak. So if there’s something that needs to be addressed, address it. I didn’t deliberately say ‘Oh don’t give Katie’s table champagne. That’s ridiculous.'”
“I didn’t see until later that night that she had texted me asking me ‘do I get champagne?'” she elaborated. “My phone was blowing up and my phone died. I didn’t even look at my text messages or my social media while I was there. I can apologize for not seeing her text, but she clearly knew I was in the building.”
As far as the desserts, Robyn also told us that, “We totally appreciated her bringing the desserts.”
“Next time, this is message to everyone,” Robyn wrapped with telling us, “if you’ve got something to say, just address the person directly.”
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