Sam Role Married At First Sight

Sam Role Married At First Sight Exclusive Interview

Exclusive Interview!

Last week, we exclusively talked to Neil Bowlus, one of the cast members of Married At First Sight. This week, we got the opportunity to talk to his wife, Sam Role. What did she have to tell us? Read our exclusive Q&A below.

Sam Role Married At First Sight Exclusive Interview

Q: What made you want to go on this show?
A: What made me really want to go on this show was finding love. Ive done a lot of the online dating scenes and nothing worked out. I always felt like there was no way I could ever meet a guy that wanted a lasting relationship in a bar. I saw season 1 and thought why not apply and see what happens.  I didn’t have success on my own so why not let four amazing experts help?

Q: What was going through your head moments before you got married?

A: I was completely fine hours leading up to the wedding.  It wasn’t until I walked into the venue that I realized what I was really about to do.  I was thinking that I was blessed for being matched and I was anxious to just make it to the alter without falling!

Q:  What was the first word that popped in your head when you saw your new spouse?

A: There wasn’t really one word that popped in my head. I was just nervous and anxious and relieved that Neil was still standing there!

Q: Knowing what you know now, would you repeat this experience again?

A: I would definitely live this experience over again. I wouldn’t change anything either. Im so glad that I was blessed enough to be matched and accepted by the experts and Neil.

Q: What was the hardest thing about being “married at first sight?”

A: I would have to say the hardest thing was the filming.  Everyone says that we knew what we signed up for and the truth of the matter is that we technically knew what we signed up for, but we really didn’t know anything. I had no idea how anxious and nervous I would be in front of cameras. I’ve never done TV or anything that required filming so I had no idea what to expect. What was the easiest? the wedding! Funny enough, the wedding was the easiest thing!  My friends always told me how frustrating it was to plan a wedding and luckily my wedding planner was amazing!

Q: How has the show airing affected your life?

A: I think its affected my life in a positive way. Watching yourself is probably the most humbling experience. I have been able to really see the worst of me and analyze it so that I never repeat that me again.  It’s been a great learning experience overall.  I finally am able to see what others see whether it’s good or bad. I think more people should have that experience in order to grow and better themselves.

Q: What has people’s general response been to the show?

A: Most people have been extremely kind to me in person.  They have nothing but great things to say.  Social media is different.  I don’t think I’ve ever been threatened and insulted as much in my life!  It comes with the territory though, so I take it in stride.  It helps you grow tough skin and become less judgmental of an individual.
Q: What can we expect from you the rest of the season?A: I’m not sure what is coming other than growth. I really took everything Neil and the experts said to heart. I look forward to seeing my growth unfold.


Q: Do you feel you were too hard on Neil at first?

A: I was SO hard on Neil at first.  It’s quite frustrating watching myself treat this amazing man so horribly. I understand everything happens for a reason, but there are times I want to punch that Sam right through the screen!

Q:  Do you feel you were emasculating towards Neil or did it come from an area of frustration?

A: When I was living it I didn’t think I was emasculating Neil, it wasn’t until I saw the errors of my ways that I realized I was taking my frustration out by emasculating him!  I was so mean and rude and Neil didn’t deserve any of it. He is a great man and husband and watching myself makes me upset that I didn’t see it sooner.Q: Why do you feel the car accident brought you closer?

A: Neil really proved to me why we were matched when I almost had the head on collision.  There was no way that I could’ve told anyone how to handle me in that situation and what to say so that I would’ve listened.  Neil just did and said things the way I needed my husband to say them.  He wouldn’t have known that.  Thats what made me really see that this man was my perfect match. He was so calm in his demeanor; I couldn’t have asked for a better reaction or comfort.

Q: Anything else you want to add?

A: I am so lucky to have had this experience.  The experts are all amazing and sincere people who become a part of your family.  I took every second of every day seriously.  It is the best thing that has ever happened to me as an individual and in my marriage.

It was great talking to Sam and we definitely look forward to watching her the rest of this season!

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