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Andrew Colborn- If Steven Avery's Released, Be Careful

Careful What You Wish For!

Recently, we reported how the subject of Netflix’s Making A MurdererSteven Avery, had filed an appeal to get charges against him dismissed. Now, Lieutenant Andrew Colborn, who had an integral part in Avery’s trial, has spoken out with a word of warning if Avery was to be freed. What did he say?

Andrew Colborn Steven Avery Warning If Freed

In response to an article the USA Today did on the present locations of officers involved in the Avery trial, Colborn issued an email.

Part of that email was the following: “I know the truth doesn’t sell newspapers as much as lies and controversy, but for once try thinking about the consequences of the slander and defamation that you are authoring and participating in. A word of caution, be careful what you wish for. If Steven Avery is ever freed, he may just become your neighbor, and he may want to bring his nephew with him.”

Tell us- what do you make of this? Are you on the Officer’s side or Steven Avery’s? Sound off in the comments below.

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