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Big Ang Confirms She's Separated!

Separation Confirmed!

We recently speculated that Big Ang, one of the stars of Mob Wives, was separated from her husband, Neil Murphy. Now, Ang has spoken to Radar Online to confirm her separation. What did she specifically have to say?

Big Ang Neil Murphy Separation Confirmed

Ang told Radar that, “We are separated right now. Me and Neil separated about a month and a half ago.”

“I just felt like Neil just doesn’t do the right thing and I don’t need to be with somebody who doesn’t support me and I don’t need him,” she continued. “And I just think that it’s done. I lost it. You just lose it.”

“I’m sure he doesn’t [feel that it’s done],” she elaborated, “but too bad.”


So will this separation lead to a divorce? Ang said that, “I’m not getting divorced. I just want to stay separated.”

Ang had more to say, telling Radar that, “Right now, I think it’s time to focus on myself. I’m always focusing on Neil, taking care of my grandchildren, taking care of my kids — I think it’s time to take care of Angela.”

“I just feel like Neil not being a man put pressure on it [the marriage],” she added. “Neil doesn’t pay the bills — I don’t want to be with you.”

Ang also said that, “I grew up in my life where all the men pay the bills, not the women.”

She wrapped with telling Radar that, “I learned that you’re better off by yourself because you really don’t need a man in your life. Come and go as you please, do what you want… bye, bye.”

Even though they’re separated, we still wish both Ang and Neil the best.

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