Betty Moon Pantomania Album Review

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I have always had an eclectic taste in music since I was a little kid. In the 90’s I can remember listening to everything from The Notorious B.I.G. to Marilyn Manson. When I heard about a new album coming out from Betty Moon, an artist who had toured with Manson and The Offspring before, I was excited, as it filled me with a sense of nostalgia and an eagerness to hear. So how does the album hold up?

Betty Moon Pantomania Album Review

The album opens with the exceptional “No Good.” The song definitely has a vintage alternative feel to it and I was totally digging it. Moon’s voice evoked memories of Poe and Shirley Manson, and I found myself thoroughly enjoying it. I also really liked the chorus, where Moon sings, “Don’t say you want me, don’t say you need me.”

“Feel The Pressure,” which appears two tracks later, continues the same throwback feel that I enjoyed on the opening track. The song, like much of the material on the album, has a very moody feel to it, and I again found myself making the same comparisons I did in the initial track. I also quite enjoyed the layering of the vocals in this track.

“Fire Hose,’ which closes out the album, is also coincidentally the album’s current single. Due to this, I wanted to ensure I gave it special attention. I particularly liked this song, as it combined aspects of the throwback sound that Who was going for along with some more upbeat aspects to it via horns on the chorus. I also liked that there was a neat sound almost of a busy city street that was incorporated into the background of the song.

Here is the video for that song, so you can get an idea of what I mean:

Other tracks included on this album include the moody “Temple Diablo,” and the rock-esque “Hunger Pants.”

Overall, with Pantomania, Betty Moon has crafted a unique album that is definitely worth checking out.

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