Danielle Responds- and Removes Response- To Racist Scandal Exclusive

Danielle’s Deleting!

Yesterday, former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub was exposed by Radar Online in a racist rant where she allegedly used slurs against African-Americans and Mexicans. While we covered what her rep said about the recording in our original story that we updated last night, we were curious if Staub herself would respond. We have exclusively obtained screenshots from her Instagram where she did respond to people calling her out as a racist- and then deleted the response! See proof below.

Danielle Staub Racist Scandal Response Exclusive

Here is a picture Staub had posted Sunday, before Radar’s story broke:


Danielle Staub Racist

As you can see, yesterday afternoon, people started calling her out for being a racist.

After a few people did so, Staub responded, writing, “I would greatly appreciate if everyone would listen carefully… That is not my voice in the racial slurs I do not ever speak that way… I am going to remind you to think before judging. Kindly remember I am a mother of two amazing daughters. I have raised alone so if you do not care how this effects me at the very least consider how they must feel.”

Here is proof:

Danielle Staub racist

Soon after, though, both Staub’s comment AND the people’s comments referring to her as a racist were removed! 

Here is proof of this, which is what appears if you look at this photo and it’s comments currently:

Danielle Staub Racist

We are not sure why Staub would respond and then delete her response, but the above is definitely proof that she did.

Tell us- what do you make of the above? Sound off in the comments below.

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