Danielle Staub Tell All Book Coming?

More Naked Truth?

Although former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub has already published a book entitled The Naked Truth, Staub took to Twitter today to claim she has a new book coming. What do we mean?

Danielle Staub Book About RHONJ Coming

Staub posted the following on Twitter today:

Danielle Staub book

The fact that she put “reality of RHONJ” in quotes leads one to believe she is calling the show out for not being authentic. Truly, to us, this sounds like bitter grapes, as she reportedly tried to get back on the show and couldn’t.

In addition, Bravo/NBC is known for having some pretty stringent contracts, so we’re not completely sure what she could “tell.”

Even if this book does somehow go forward, she’s been exposed for telling lies before, so we’re not sure how much would be believable anyway.

One thing that’s for certain- she will almost definitely be the victim in the book if it gets published. We can bank on that.

Tell us- would you read a tell all book from Danielle Staub? Sound off in the comments below.

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