Duggar Family Secret GAY Relative Exposed! Exclusive

Exclusive Exposure!

The Duggar family has always been known for their conservative thinking particularly when it comes to the LGBT community. Specifically, prior to his being exposed for molesting his sisters, Josh Duggar had been vigilant in speaking out against the gay community via his leadership of the Family Research Council. This is why were shocked when an insider recently came to us to tell us that there IS a gay member of the Duggar family. What do we mean?

Duggar Family Gay Relative Exposed Exclusive

According to a source we spoke to, “The Duggars definitely have a gay cousin in their family who has been hiding in the closet.”
“He is not a blood relative,” the insider continued, “but was adopted by his parents, who are cousins with the Duggars.”
“What’s more,” the source added, “is that this he has been in attendance at Duggar family events, such as Jessa’s wedding, and been photographed with Michelle before.”
“Also,” the insider continued, “he is not innocent and is scandalous himself. He broke up a long standing relationship between my friend and his boyfriend, who were set to marry. The cousin of the Duggars came in and stole his boyfriend from him. It was really disgusting.”
He also likes to wildly party,” the source stated, “something the Duggars also likely wouldn’t approve of.”
‘While the Duggars likely will be shocked to hear this and won’t be happy that this cat’s out of the bag,” the source wrapped with saying, “it’s just more evidence of the hypocrisy that s surrounds them and their family.”
[Note: We did see photographic proof and were given a name, but have chosen not to reveal those at this time]
Tell us- are you surprised to hear the Duggars have a gay relative? Sound off in the comments below.
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