How Do Famous People Cope With Break Ups?

You know what it’s like. You’ve split with your boyfriend or girlfriend and the last thing you want is people poking their noses into what went wrong, or why. If they’ve cheated, it can be especially awful – you don’t want to see the person who got in between you and the one you love, at any cost. If you’re the one who did something wrong, people usually know better than to bring up your errors and make you regret everything you’ve done. They leave you to get over your loss in peace, offering support where they can. If anyone is horrible about it, you can escape it by taking a social media break for a while or simply hiding away for a few weeks.

As a celebrity, you sadly don’t have that luxury.

Famous People Break Ups

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Oh, sure. Most of them chose to be in the public eye. However, like the rest of us, they also have feelings and relationships. When things are good, they enjoy the attention on the great things going on in their lives. When it’s bad? Well, things don’t stop. The tabloids, the gossip mags and even the fans love nothing more in relishing in their pain. So, just how do they cope with the negative reactions?

In all honesty, it’s difficult to say what each individual does to deal with a highly publicised break up. However, they most likely do what we all should in such circumstances, which is to focus on positive things and to moving on to the future. When you’re stuck in the past, it’s often tough to find light in the present. Focusing on new horizons can help. That’s why you’ll often see celebs in these instances being photographed doing things like travelling or starting new charities. It’s a clever PR move to distract from the negative and focus on something good! The fame machine can work in their favor at times, so of course it’s not all bad.

When marriage is involved, of course things get a little more serious. You can’t just pretend like the previous years (or months, in some famous peoples’ cases…) didn’t happen, but you still want a chance at happiness. TheCircle talks about life after divorce and gives tips on how best to cope that’ll actually work across the board, and which deal with humanity – of course, it’s not always about having a camera in your face.

Famous People Break Ups

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Time is a great healer, so you can start with that. Then there are lots of processes you can go through afterwards, which will all help with moving on. Whatever you do, though, don’t go for the rebound. It’s never really a good idea!

Of course, space is a really important part of a break up or a divorce. So, the next time you hear your favourite celeb couple have split, perhaps give them the space to deal with it alone. It’s private, you don’t know the full story, and after all… they are people too!