Jenelle Evans Hospitalized!


Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is no stranger to drama, but it seems it may be affecting her, as she’s ended up hospitalized. Want details?

Jenelle Evans Hospitalized

An insider told Radar Online that, “Jenelle is in the hospital right now and has been in and out all week. She doesn’t know what’s wrong.”

“She said she was too stressed,” the source continued. “She went to the hospital for anxiety.”

However, it seems her hospital visits are not all stress related, as the insider claimed that, “Her nerves are all messed up in her body and she has restless leg syndrome and can hardly walk. She has shortness of breath and loss of coordination and balancing when walking.”

She’s having hot flashes like insane and overload in ever sense of her body,” they continued. “She feels like she has arthritis in her knees.”

Jenelle doesn’t think it’s stress-related,” they added. “The other hospital said it was anxiety, but they ran simple blood tests and Jenelle told them they were wrong, and to take a thyroid test on her. They refused and discharged her and sent her home.”

The source also claimed that these issues began Sunday and the hospital is “testing everything now.”

It should be noted that we reached out to Evans’s representative and confirmed she is indeed hospitalized.

We wish Evans a speedy recovery.

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