Joe Masalta Planning His Own Tell All Book Exclusive

Not Holding Back!

Last night, former Real Housewives of New Jesrey star Danielle Staub announced that she’s writing a tell-all book. While it seemed to us to be a desperate attempt to take press away from a racist rant of hers that leaked earlier this week, her ex Joe Masalta informed us of his “Tell All Book”.

Joe Masalta Danielle Staub Tell All Book Planned Exclusive

Danielle’s tell all would be a joke,” Masalta exclusively told us.
Her life is built on lies and deceit, including a defamation case she already lost,” he continued. “I’ve  started to unveil the tip of the iceberg in terms of her mistruths, but there’s plenty more where that came from.”
“In fact, I am planning my own tell all, where I will expose the real Danielle, including the one that made death wishes against her former cast members, conned money out of me, had an issue with drugs, and manipulated the truth more times than I can count,” he added.
“For the record,” he wrapped with telling us, “this has nothing to do with spite or bitterness. It’s simply a matter of making sure the world knows once and for all how insane and dangerous this woman is, so others are not deceived as I was. She truly is a danger to society.”
Wow! Now this is a tell-all we definitely would read!
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