Faith Stowers Vanderpump Rules

Faith Stowers Vanderpump Rules Exclusive Interview

Exclusive Interview!

This season of Vanderpump Rules has definitely been one of the most dramatic seasons yet… and we really have the new cast members to thank for that. Faith Stowers may be new to SUR and the world of reality television, but she fits in like she’s been a part of the group since the very beginning! Faith definitely has a unique perspective to bring to the table about the latest drama in Hawaii, and what’s going on with her BFF’s James Kennedy & Lala Kent. Check out my exclusive interview with the amazing Faith Stowers below!

Faith Stowers Vanderpump Rules Exclusive Interview

Q: What’s your relationship like with Lisa Vanderpump’s son Max? It seems like you guys are together!

A: “It was a lot of fun… he’s a wonderful wonderful, wonderful guy. It started with a wonderful night we had out, and it went where it went… and we had a lot of fun. That’s about all I can say about that.”

Q: What happened with Max’s mouth?

A: “It was CRAZY! He took a tumble and fell right on his face. Honestly, the craziest thing about it was he was literally passed out on the floor, tooth engaged into the wood floor… it was insane. His friend that was with him decided to call James Kennedy… and James probably saved his life. I’m so glad that my friend went in and saved the day.”

Q: So, let’s talk about Hawaii… so what was your reaction when everyone was criticizing Lala & yourself about showing off your bodies in Hawaii?

A: “I mean honestly, Lala and I aren’t after anyone’s boyfriends or husbands… that’s not our mindsets! Lala is very comfortable in her body, and honestly makes me feel more comfortable in my body. I guess since Lala is so hot, it draws up insecurities in other people. You can obviously see people’s insecurities coming out during the episode. I just don’t like how people think it’s HER problem, it’s not her fault or her problem! When you’re in a sensitive situation… Scheana and Shay in their marriage or Katie and Tom recently getting engaged, obviously they’re gonna look and talk about it… but it was really no harm, no foul.”

Q: What was your reaction when Jax Taylor flat out lied about trying to have sex with Lala?

A: “I actually told Lala to talk to Brittany herself, because I didn’t like how Jax was making it seem like Lala is just some girl trying to go after him, because Lala could have any guy in LA if she wanted to. Brittany is a very understanding woman, and I thought only good would have come out of Lala telling Brittany her truth, because let’s face it… what was coming out Jax’s mouth was not truth!”

Q: What was your reaction when Jax got arrested during the trip to Hawaii?

A: “It was definitely shocking. I didn’t think anyone in Hawaii on an exotic vacation, would have the impulse to steal! I’ve never walked into a retail store and taken a $300 or $400 pair of sunglasses, ever! But, I guess it goes to show how awesome Brittany is! Honestly, when we go out Jax pays for everything… so i’m sure he had the funds to pay for it, but I guess he just wanted to get Brittany something and not pay for it. To be honest, I don’t know what to say about that… I know that he felt like crap about it, and I don’t think he would ever do it again!”

Q: So, there have been some news recently about James & Lala’s relationship… so what can you say about the current status of their relationship?

A: “I would advise you guys to wait and see, but what I will say about their relationship is that NO ONE will ever understand the relationship that James & Lala have. It’s something that will never be broken, no matter what anyone says. No one is their 24-7 to know what these two people that love each other, talk about. I will say that whenever i’m around both of them, you can tell that they truly love each other. I would ask James what’s going on in his private life, but he’s glowing and someone is responsible… so stay tuned to find out!”

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