Jacqueline and Teresa

Jacqueline and Teresa In Major Fight?

Drama Alert!

While we have reported that producers of The Real Housewives of New Jersey have been concerned with Teresa Giudice‘s behavior thus far this season, it seems the heat has finally been turned up drama-wise. What do we mean?

Jacqueline and Teresa In Major Fight?

According to a new Radar Online exclusive, Jacqueline Laurita and Giudice got in a major fight.

Jacqueline and Teresa had a big fight on camera Friday night,” a source dishedto Radar.

The insider had more to say, telling that,“She approached Jacqueline first.Teresa was insinuating that Jacqueline was calling her friends and new cast members to make friends with them while she was jail.”

It escalated into a huge fight,” they added. “The fight was about who was phonier and whose fault it was that Teresa went to jail. It was the fact that Teresa is still blaming everyone else for her legal problems and Jacqueline thinks Teresa is in denial.”

“Jacqueline’s like, ‘Every week it’s somebody else you’re blaming.’ Teresa was still screaming, ‘We had nothing to do with it. I shouldn’t have had to go to jail.’ It was everybody’s fault.”

This definitely sounds like a heated argument and we definitely will be interested to see this play out when this season airs.

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