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Amber Portwood Defends Matt On Twitter

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Monday’s episode of Teen Mom OG has caused major controversy among fans of the show! The episode aired the scene we saw in the previews ­where Amber Portwood’s ex, Gary Shirley, blindsided the teen mom with evidence of her new fiancé Matt Baier’s gang of children from numerous other baby ­mamas. Now, Portwood has taken to social media to defend her man. Want details?

Amber Portwood Matt Baier Defended By Her On Twitter

In the scene that aired last night, Gary revealed that Matt is in fact the father of 7 children, not 2 as Amber had believed. Since then, further reports have suggested that number may be even higher!

While many of Amber’s followers tweeted their support for the Teen Mom star, others expressed concern that Matt seems to have hidden some important facts about his past from Amber, including almost two decades of unpaid child­support payments that seem to now be catching up with him.

Amber decided to not stand idly by, though, and defended her man on Twitter, even threatening to unveil some secrets she knows:

Amber Portwood Matt Baier

This is definitely interesting, as we wonder what Amber may reveal.

We definitely feel for her, as this is a hard situation to have to go through especially on TV.

Tell us- what do you think of the situation? Whose side are you on? Sound off in the comments below.

[Reporting by Kayleigh Payne]

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