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Blac Chyna Had Ecstasy At Airpot

Airport Bust!

As previously reported, Blac Chyna was arrested last Friday in Austin, Texas for drunk and disorderly conduct and drug possession. Now, new details are emerging as to what exactly Blac Chyna had in her possession. Want details?

Blac Chyna Arrested Had Ecstasy In Possession

According to Page Six sources, Blac Chyna was found with 2 ecstasy pills during her recent airport arrest. The two pills were hidden inside her sunglasses case and after tests were conducted, the pills tested positive for MDMA, the drug also known as Ecstasy, reports Page Six.

Blac Chyna was arrested in Austin, Texas last week after acting “unpredictable, going from extremely angry, cursing at everyone, then to crying,” according to a police report.

A concerned Rob Kardashian drove for over a day to Texas to console his new girlfriend as soon as she was released from prison.

We will continue to report more on this story as new details emerge.

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