Faye Resnick Left Out Of Dr. Phil Special Exclusive

Left Out!

Last week, Faye Resnick made her return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, causing quite a stir. Now, we have exclusively learned why Dr. Phil‘s  special about the OJ Simpson trial that aired yesterday- due to the premiere of American Crime Story on FX tonight- did not include Resncik. So what’s the reason?

Faye Resnick Dr. Phil Left Her Out Of Special Exclusive

“Dr Phil did not include Faye in the special about OJ and American Crime Story for a specific reason” the insider exclusively told us.

Why not?

“Dr. Phil feels that Faye exploited the death of her friend and took advantage of the situation,” the source continued.

He also wasn’t a fan of the book she did,” the insider added, “as he also felt this was exploitative.”

We found this particularly interesting, as we definitely wondered why she wasn’t on a special when she was good friends with Simpson’s murdered wife.

Tell us- what do you think? Should Faye have been included on the special? Sound off in the comments below.

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