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Vanessa Nelson Married At First Sight Exclusive Interview

Vanessa Talks!

Last week, we exclusively spoke with Married At First Sight star Tres Russell, who married Vanessa Nelson. This week, we got the chance to speak with Vanessa for an interesting Q&A. What did she have to tell us? Read on below to find out!

Vanessa Nelson Married At First Sight Exclusive Interview

Q: What made you want to go on this show?
A: I was always a fan of Married at First Sight and loved how the experts took so much effort to make the matches. I never had a problem meeting men, I was just ready to meet someone I could spend my life with.  I learned so much from Married at First Sight even before participating.
Q: What was going through your head moments before you got married?
A: I was really nervous! Of course! I was insanely anxious and wondering if I made the right decision. I decided to be committed to the process and took the plunge.
Q: What was the first word that popped in your head when you saw your new spouse?
A: Two words actually, Tall and country. I was so happy to see Tres was tall and his accent stood out so much I instantly wondered where he was from.
Q: Knowing what you know now, would you repeat this experience again?
A: I would definitely participate again.  It’s a great learning experience and helped me learn how to be a better partner and communicator.


Q: What was the hardest thing about being “married at first sight?” What was the easiest?
A: Communication and change. Marriage is all about talking about your perspective, feelings and your partners as well. I didn’t expect my entire life to change so rapidly but everything turned upside down in an instant.
Q:How has the show airing affected your life?
A: It’s definitely crazy to see myself on TV.  I have met so many great people who watch the show. I love meeting couples that watch it together.


Q: What has people’s general response been to the show?

A: Some people think it’s absolutely insane. Others think it was a brave risk to learn more about marriage and relationships.  

Q: Why did you feel Tres had growing up to do? 
A: It was just my perspective from conversations we had on and off camera. Everyone is different and I definitely think Tres is responsible and a great guy. I think to be prepared for marriage you have to really know yourself well and have a variety of life experiences. 
Q: Why did you care so much that he came home drunk? I know you talked about you not being able to depend on him then. Can you elaborate? 
A: I am just not a fan of people drinking a lot in one sitting and it made me nervous. I love to go out, have fun and have a few drinks but I believe in self-control. The situation was more about our communication and feeling like I can depend on Tres as the man of the house. I believe Tres is able to handle himself in these situations as he sees appropriate and it was just my opinion.


Q: Was it an easy decision to “consummate the marriage” with Trey or was that a hard one because you still were getting to know him?
A: I wouldn’t describe it as easy, the right time rather. I am comfortable with my sexuality and understanding our compatibility in that area was important to me. I think many people think only the husband is concerned about these things but wives care about sex too! 
Q: What can we expect from you the rest of the season?
A: You will have to watch and see! I really gave my best effort to our marriage and brought my guard down, which I am really proud of. 
We really are enjoying Vanessa and the rest of the car this season and can’t wait to see how the show continues to unfold.
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