Vicki Gunvalson Fights

Vicki Gunvalson Fights With Fans Again!

Still Fighting!

Recently, we reported that Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson was fighting with fans on her Facebook page. It seems this has started again, as Gunvalson got into it with one fan yesterday. What do we mean?

Vicki Gunvalson Fights With Fans Again

Gunvalson took to her Facebook yesterday to share a picture of her and new beau Jack Losey, claiming they have known each other since 2011.

Unfortunately for Gunvalson, some followers on her Facebook page decided to take the conversation elsewhere.

A follower on her Facebook page wrote that, “Bravo has come forward and stated that the cancer scheme was Vicki’s idea. That is why she made Brooks sign the agreement that he couldn’t talk about her. She needed more camera time and also it was an easy way to promote her new business club detox. Brooks is an opportunistic blood sucker and was not smart enough to realize she was playing him. Bravo played a part in this as well, that is why they had to let her come back next season. This is why the cast mates don’t want to film with her. They are appalled that someone would orchestrate such a lie to get more camera time.”

While we have never personally heard of Bravo ever confirming the “cancer scheme” as Vicki’s idea, Gunvalson decided to answer this person’s comment.

YOU are 100% wrong and be careful on what lies you are saying,” she wrote. “My confidentiality agreement with him was signed when we first started dating 4 years ago and is protocol in all my personal and business relationships. I do not own nor am I affiliated with club detox so EVERYTHING you have stated here are pure lies.”

“I don’t need things to make up for camera time,” she continued. “My life is and exciting enough without fabricating a storyline. Never has happened and NEVER will.”

“You may want to rethink your messages and do your homework first,” she wrapped with saying.

Here is a copy of the exchange:

Vicki Gunvalson Fights

Tell us- what do you think about this? Are you on Vicki’s side or the follower’s? Sound off in the comments below.

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