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Mike Abraham Responds To Olivia Caridi's Teen Mom Dig

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This week on The Bachelor, contestant Olivia Caridi made a comment about fellow contestant Armada Stanton‘s family, saying Stanton’s family situation was “like watching Teen Mom.” We caught up with Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham‘s father, Michael, who responded to Caridi’s comments. What did he have to say?

Mike Abraham Oilvia Caridi Comment Response

Michael, when asked about The Bachelor’s Olivia Caridi calling Armada Stanton’s family situation “like watching Teen Mom” said he is very disappointed with Carid’s content use of “Teen Mom.

Specifically, Abraham told us that, “Caridi’s statement was wrongfully  judgmental towards Amanda but also to the many woman in America (and the world) that have been and are teenage mothers. I know first hand the pressures society place on these mothers and their families – and to see Caridi use teenage pregnancy as a weapon towards another woman is plain shameful.”

Caridi’s condescending use of MTV’s Teen Mom is very upsetting and negative,” he continued. “It’s been reported factually that MTV’s  shows 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom, Teen Mom OG, and Teen Mom 2 have helped lower the teen pregnancy rates in the United States since the shows stated to be aired.”

Abraham wrapped with telling us that, “I think the real truth about Caridi is that even though she was a news reporter in Texas and now is one in Virginia – she is out of touch with what a responsible parent is – and she should not make judgmental shots any woman – which is beyond being deceitful, cold, and immature.”

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