Big Ang Cancer

Big Ang Speaks After Cancer News Breaks

Staying Strong!

While we had heard that Mob Wives star Big Ang‘s second battle with cancer was improving, things took a turn for the worse yesterday. This was due to the fact that Ang’s sister released confirmation that Ang has stage four lung and brain cancer and was not responding to treatment. Last night, Ang broke her silence via Twitter. What did she have to say?

Big Ang Cancer Ang Speaks Via Twitter

As Mob Wives was on last night, Ang issued the following tweet:

“Hi my babies! I’m home resting so I won’t be live tweeting. But the show must go on! Don’t forget to watch and tweet w my girls!! .”

Prior to Ang’s tweet, the last tweet posted was one on February 2nd on behalf of Ang and her sister that said, “Thank you for love & prayers. Keep positive, thanks for supporting, Ang is strong!”

We are continuing to keep Ang at the forefront of our thoughts and prayers.

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