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Karen Gravano Talks Big Ang's Stage 4 Cancer

Support System!

Yesterday, we were extremely saddened to report that Mob Wives star Big Ang had stage four brain and lung cancer and that chemotherapy wasn’t working. Understandably, her Mob Wives costars would be upset. Karen Gravano, one of the stars of Mob Wives, spoke to Radar Online about Ang. What did she have to say?

Karen Gravano Big Ang Cancer Statement

Gravano told Radar that, “I do know that she is in good spirits. All of us Mob Wives are rallying around her.”

“She has a lot of support and family,” Gravano continued. “Cancer is a day-to-day battle and she battling with a lot of loved ones and support.”

“She is fighter,” Gravano wrapped with telling Radar. “Mob Wives are going to come together to fight with her to beat this.”

We are thrilled to read Gravano’s comments and see how supportive the Mob Wives costars are being of Ang.

We are continuing to keep her at the forefront of our thoughts and prayers.

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