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Tamra Judge- Ava's Kidney Was Taken By Aliens!

Taken By Aliens!

Yesterday, Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge appeared on The Doctors with her daughter-in-law, Sarah Rodriguez. The pair were there to talk about stories surrounding Judge’s Granddaughter (and Rodriguez’s daughter), Ava. Stories had begun circulating last month that Ava was in a health crisis. This was something Rodriguez and Judge exclusively discussed with us and led to the doctor who initially commented on Ava calling to apologize and speak with us as well. What did Judge and Rodriguez have to share on The Doctors?

Tamra Judge Sarah Rodriguez The Doctors Appearance

Both Rodriguez and Judge discussed the initial tabloid story and how it got started.

Judge explained that Rodriguez Instagrammed “a picture of being at (the) hospital. That’s what sparked it.”

Judge also joked about the tabloid nature of the initial story, stating that, “I’m here to set the record straight: it was taken by aliens, the kidney.

Luckily for Ava, Rodriguez also confirmed that she’s doing “amazing,” which we were thrilled to hear.

Want to see their appearance on The Doctors? Here it is:


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