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James & Lala's Vanderpump Rules Reunion Trailer Vandalized?

Vandalized Trailer?

From some rumblings we’re seeing online it seems like the Vanderpump Rules reunion is taping today. Around 12:30 PST, star Lala Kent took to her Instagram to share a photo of what looks to be the trailer for her and James Kennedy to get ready. On the sign that says there names, someone wrote in sharpie “WHO CARES.” Kent shared this, along with a message of who she clearly thinks is responsible. What did she say?

James and Lala’s Vanderpump Rules Reunion Trailer Vandalized?

Here is what Kent posted:

James and Lala

As you can see based on what Kent wrote, it’s clear that she blames costar Jax Taylor for writing on their trailer.

Kent and Kennedy got into some heat earlier this season when they appeared on Watch What Happens Live, leading to them being banned for good from the show.

Tell us- what do you think about what Kent posted? Sound off in the comments.

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