Jelani Lateef Cold Days and Dark Nights

Jelani Lateef- Cold Days and Dark Nights Mixtape Review

Mixtape Review!

While it’s a surprise to most people to learn this, one of my favorite genres of music is rap. When I was growing up, I frequently went into New York City to find mixtape of my favorite rap artists from vendors on the streets. Due to my love of rap and mixtape, I was super excited to get the opportunity to review Chicago rapper Jelani Lateef‘s new mixtape, Cold Days and Dark Nights. So how does it hold up?

Jelani Lateef- Cold Days and Dark Nights Mixtape Review

After an intro that opens the mixtape, “No Fear” is the first official song. From the first line that Lateef spits, it’s clear that he has flawless flow that could match any of the top rappers in the game right now. I liked the background beat, which reminded me of an early 2000’s Jadakiss song. In addition, I enjoyed the creative lyrics, especially when Lateef rapped, “I was drowning in my sorrow but i made it to the shore, just when I was thinking I couldn’t take it anymore.”

“Look What You Done,” which appears later on the mixtape, has an R&B-esque beat that works flawlessly with Lateef’s flow. On this song, I found Lateef to be reminiscent of rapper Camron in a good way. I also enjoyed the contemplative nature of the song, where Lateef thinks about something he’s done to women in his past.

“How It Feels,” another track on the EP, continues the contemplative style of “Look What You Done.” On this track Lateef raps about a man who has a pregnant spouse and is having fears about having a baby due to his lack of employment. While Lateef’s rap style is different than 2Pac, the idea that he raps about social messages definitely made me think of some of 2Pac’s songs like “Brenda’s Got A Baby.”

Other songs included on the Mixtape are the inspiring “One Life One Chance” and “Flashback (Joe Tyse Remix),” which shares a sad story.

Overall with Cold Days and Dark Nights, Jelani Lateef has crafted some great songs that demand you listen. I would highly recommend checking him out if you get the chance.

To download his new mixtape for free, click here and be sure to let us know what you think.

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