Once At The State Theatre

"Once" At The State Theatre A Moving Experience

A Moving Experience!

I am a huge fan of musical theater and always enjoy getting a night out to see a show, especially if it a show with a modern feel. For this reason, I was quite excited when I had the opportunity to see “Once” at the State Theatre in New Brunswick, NJ. What did I thin of it?

“Once” At The State Theatre A Moving Experience

While I have seen 100’s of shows at this point, my experience at The State Theatre with their production of “Once” was one of the best nights in the theater I’ve ever had.
“Once” follows the story of a man who lives in Ireland who works a day job fixing vacuum cleaners and performs songs he wrote about an old flame who hurt him in his free time. A woman who is Czech happens to walk in on one of his performances and is touched. The rest of the story follows their relationship over a few short days.
Without ruining the story, what unfolds is a beautiful, sad story about awakening the soul when it is stuck in a melancholy rut.
Aside from the music to “Once,” which was fantastic, the acting and singing were superb. I 100% felt like I was watching a Broadway production of “Once,” which is both a compliment to the actors/actresses, as well as The State Theatre.
“Once” is the type of show that, while performed in front of a large audience, is meant to have an intimate feel. I absolutely felt like The State Theatre did a stunning job at staging this production, making it even more enjoyable than it was when I saw it on Broadway.
After seeing “Once,” I had all the feelings one should have after a night at the theater- I was moved, I was touched, and I felt like I had been a part of a very special experience.
If you get the chance to see “Once” on tour, I would highly recommend it. I would also recommend visiting The State Theatre for any of their upcoming productions, as you will surely find yourself having as enjoyable of an experience as I did.
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