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Teresa Giudice- I Felt Like I Was Dying

“Like I Was Dying”

This morning, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice‘s memoir, Turning The tables, was finally released. Tonight, Giudice appeared on E! News. What did she have to say?

Teresa Giudice E News I Felt Like I Was Dying

I’m feeling great,” Giudice started off with saying. “I’m happy to be home.”

“I was numb,” she then detailed about finding out she had to go to prison. “I was literally numb. Like, I think my nerves- of ocurse- they got the best of me. My fingers were stuck. I was just like in shock. I felt like I was dying. I really did. I only had three months left to share every precious moments with my daughters before I left. And I felt like, especially with my baby Adrianna, like oh my God is she gonna forget me?”

“I have to say Gabriella, my second daughter. She was like hysterical. I think I’m gonna cry. She was like hysterical. I think sh knew because she’s pretty smart. My daughters are really smart, they are. She was crying and like hyperventilating. I never saw her cry like that before.”

“He was a mess. He was crying. I was like honey we can do this. Sometimes you think something bad like this, how can it make you closer. But it does.”

The second part of Giudice’s interview with E! News will air tomorrow night.

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