Vicki Gunvalson's New Man Has Violent Past?

A Violent Past?

Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson broke up with longtime beau Brooks Ayers last year, and recently announced she was dating a new man, Jack Losey. This morning, Radar Online released an explosive story that Losey had an incident in his past that involved violence. Want details?

Vicki Gunvalson New Man Has Violent Past?

According to court documents Radar obtained, Losey was previously arrested in 1999 for aggravated assault! 

The documents Radar has detail that he had a fight with a woman who was attempting to stop him from “going after” his wife at the time.

The documents specify that Losey “threw his drink” and pushed his wife in the back.

When he pushed his wife, a woman named Tammie Jordan tried to step in, and she stated that Jack pushed her which caused her to fall into a fire and get burns of a first AND second degree nature.

The court documents Radar obtained also have Losey’s then wife claiming he was “kind of psycho” and describing a time when he “demanded” his keys from her, and when she didn’t have them, he “grabbed her left forearm and slammed it on the counter.” 

While the documents did specify that police didn’t see “any signs of injury” on Losey’s then wife, they did note that he “also was on probation for a weapons misconduct charge” due to threatening to kill himself and shooting a shotgun at the ceiling.

While this was years ago, it’s definitely still shocking to read.

We have reached out to Gunvalson and her representative for comment, but haven’t heard back.

Tell us- are you surprised to hear this about Vicki’s new man? Sound off in the comments below.

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