Amanda Bertoncini Talks Engagement & More Exclusive

Exclusive Interview!

One of our favorite Bravo shows that got cancelled was The Princesses of Long Island. Fans of the show likely remember Amanda Bertoncini and her boyfriend, Jeff Hoffman. Recently, the pair announced they are engaged. We caught up with Bertoncini to talk about her engagement and more.

Amanda Bertoncini Engagement Exclusive Interview

Here is our Q & A with Amanda:

Q: What have you been up to since Princesses ended?

A: I’ve become a brand ambassador for clothing and accessory lines. In addition I’ve been dabbling a bit with TV Hosting. Hosting is a passion of mine. To be candid I actually surprised myself at how good I am with it. Memorizing monologues and improvisation seems to come easy for me.  I love listening to people’s stories and getting to know them on a personal level. I’d love to dive deeper into that.

Q: How is Drink Hanky doing?

A: The Drink Hanky still gets orders from around the country and internationally which is so fascinating.  A smart business woman knows when to stop and move on and that’s what I’ve decided.  More success came from it than I ever dreamed and deemed possible but for now my focus is pointed in other creative directions.

Q: We hear you have some big news to share! Tell us about your proposal…

– How did Jeff do it?

A: AHHH!!! I’M OVER THE MOON!!! Well, Jeff’s birthday is February 9th, which ended up being a Tuesday this year.  He said he wanted to celebrate it February 5th, since the 5th was a Friday night.  He felt that night would work better with the work week behind us. He said we would all feel more relaxed and happy.  We met Jeff’s parents at a restaurant for what I thought was just a birthday dinner and everything seemed normal! All of a sudden the owner of the restaurant brings out a platter with napkins covering this cake, so you could not see the cake. I assumed it was for Jeff and BOOM, Jeff takes the napkins off and this white tag on the cake read, “Will you marry me, Amanda?” The cake was designed to look like a Tiffany & Co. box and the plate had a lot of crystals surrounding it.  It made it look like the diamond ring popped out of a treasure of diamonds. This GORGEOUS ring is sitting right there, popping out, in the middle of this Tiffany & Co box cake.  I look right at Jeff in shock, he then stands up and announces to the restaurant, “Can I please have everyone’s attention?!” He gets down on one knee and reads two pages of the most sincere and breathtaking words I’ve ever heard a man say to me.  Then he said, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” After I said YES, he then takes the ring and put it on my finger.  I was so excited and in shock that I forgot the ring was sitting there the whole time.

Amanda Bertoncini Engagement

Q: Where were you?

A: Giulio Cesare in Westbury

Q: How did you feel that the proposal finally happened?

A: I am so honored to be his fiancé and have been embracing this momentous occasion. There are very few really magical, special days in a lifetime and this was one of them.

Q: How have your family and friends reacted?

A: My best friend Maxine was waiting in the car outside the restaurant in cahoots with Jeff the whole time. She walked in with a rose 20 minutes after the proposal and we ran to the bathroom crying of joy. My other best friend Lisa who lives in Boston FaceTime’d me while she was giving her baby a bath to congratulate me.  She was also in on it with Jeff. He was very prepared!

Jeff’s mom and dad were there that night and were beaming…they couldn’t be happier. I Facetime’d my brother up in college. He was at a fraternity party so it was hysterical telling him the news while he was in the midst of his college escapades lol.  My Dad gave a wonderful toast to both of us on Super bowl Sunday and my Mom has welcomed “another son” into her life.

Q: Have you picked any of the bridesmaids yet? Will any Princesses be in your wedding?

I know who my bridesmaids are going to be and I will ask them in a very special way. Yes, Joey and Chanel will be there.  Joey already asked me- or should I say demanded haha- to be invited to my bachelorette party! lol

I already have some cute ideas for a bridal shower, but of course my hairstylist Richee said, I shouldn’t dare plan a thing!

Q: Any other details you can share?

I went to Red Door Spa in Garden City the day after he proposed to have some girl time. This couldn’t have come at a better time.  People at the spa were asking me if I had picked out my color theme yet for the wedding! Jeff and I both want to enjoy this moment and cherish it, because we won’t ever be able to replicate this. It’s a once in a lifetime event. I’m embracing the love and happiness while realizing how blessed I am to have found my soulmate.

We are so excited for Amanda and Jeff! Congratulations!

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