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Tootie and Fruity? Kenya Claims Kim's Husband May Be Gay

“Tootie and Fruity?”

While Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Fields hasn’t brought a ton of drama to the season, it seems she is going to be dragged into the drama tonight. On a preview for tonight’s episode, Kenya Moore brings up rumors she has heard that Fields’s husband, Chris, may be gay. What specifically does she say?

Kenya Moore Kim Fields Husband Gay Rumors

“I know you all have heard the rumors,” Moore says.

When the women question what rumors, she says, “They call him Chrissy.”
The women continue to push more further, asking who calls him that.
“The industry,” she elaborates. “I have been in Hollywood for 20 years. I have worked with her when she was on Living Single. He’s called Chrissy- and I’m not talking about Three’s Company.”
Moore also says in her confessional that, “For the last ten years, there have been pervasive rumors about Kim’s husband. Whether it’s Tootie and Fruity or Kim and Chrissy, they exist.”
Once Fields gets wind of these rumors, we guarantee they are not going to sit well with her and fireworks will ignite.
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