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Robyn Dixon- I Call BS On Ashley's Excuse Exclusive

BS Alert!

Last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac was quite explosive, with Ashley Darby telling Katie Rost she had Googled the women and found Robyn Dixon had filed for bankruptcy and only had $25.00 in her bank account. Later in the episode, Dixon confronted Darby about it, and Darby tried to excuse her comments as being said because she was trying to figure out why Dixon was standoffish/cold to her. We exclusively caught up with Dixon for a two-part interview to discuss the situation. In our first part below, Dixon tells us what she thinks of Darby’s reasoning for googling and sharing the information, what she thought of Darby’s answer when she confronted her, and more.

Robyn Dixon Ashley Darby Drama Exclusive

I call BS on that excuse,” Dixon specifically told us on why Darby claimed she shared what she had Googled. “That her being concerned about me being standoffish or closed or guarded. I feel like that’s the worst way to ‘break through my exterior’ as she said in her blog.”

What she did was pretty much act like a reporter or a gossip magazine or someone who’s job it is to dig up dirt on people,” Dixon continued. “I don’t have time to Google people like that. I kind of try to use my judgment based on my personal interactions between me and another person. I try to meet people where they are in the present. Whatever happened in people’s pasts, people aren’t perfect, and things happen.”

Dixon had more to add, telling us that, “For her to just go snooping and digging stuff up and then talk about it amongst a group of ladies that she’s trying to become a part of… I don’t want to just call her young and chalk it up to her being immature. I don’t know if it was wanting to be in the know. I was just really baffled by why she would even think that was something to really talk about. If it was something where she was concerned or really had some genuine concern for me, then she should have just approached me about it.”

It did not come from a place of concern,” Dixon added. “It was definitely very disappointing to hear that’s what was going on. When I approached her about it, I chose to be the bigger person and not attack her and more so be direct with her and find out what her motivation behind that was.”

On if she felt like she got a good answer from her, Dixon shared, “Not particularly. I didn’t really like her answer. First, calling me standoffish- it was almost like deflecting blame. I was approaching her and then she was coming back at me, putting it back onto me, which didn’t make sense to me. Just saying enough about me- what about you- you’re being standoffish and cold to me. Then, when I kind of explained it’s in the past, she challenged me and said it was last summer. I was like, why are you challenging me on the details of my situation which is an unfortunate situation? It was a repercussion of things that happened in the past… It was very tacky and childish. I think she’s learned from that. Hopefully other people can learn from that too after watching that situation.”

Darby had also criticized Katie Rost for not being a good friend for how she repeated the information Darby shared about Dixon. On this, Dixon said, “I think Kate didn’t appreciate Ashley just bringing it up in the way that she did. It was the way Ashley talked about it. It was almost making light of our situation. I know for Katie- Katie sensed that it didn’t feel genuine and out of a place of concern. I appreciate Katie recognizing that and for not buying into it even more and making the situation even worse. That night (when Katie told the women) I wasn’t able to be with the ladies. Had I been there, Katie would have shared the same information with me.”

Make sure to check back tomorrow for our second part of our interview with Dixon, where she dishes if she still wants to pursue a friendship with Darby and talks about the financial struggles her and her ex-husband went through.

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