Phaedra Parks- Apollo Was Visited By My Kids

Apollo Visited!

Since she’s been single parenting her two boys since her (soon to be ex) husband went away, a lot of people have been critical of Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks for not taking her kids to visit him behind bars. Parks recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live and a caller asked if she has taken her kids to see him yet. What did Parks say?

Phaedra Parks- Apollo Was Visited By My Kids

“They visited Apollo,” Parks shared.

“Yes, we visited him in the big house,” she added.

Parks also shared that the visit went well and was captured by Bravo cameras.

In addition to discussing visiting Nida, Parks also talked about being the single parent for her child.

“I’ve always been a hands-on mom, and my mother helps me on a weekly basis with the kids,” she shared. “Both of my parents are very active with the children.”

“But it’s changed because now, of course, I have no free time whatsoever,” she added. “When Apollo was there, of course, I could leave and go to the grocery store or leave them for a few hours and go do my yoga, whatever, but now you can’t do that.”

Personally, we feel Parks’s sons are adorable and that she’s been doing a great job at parenting them by herself.

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