Robyn Dixon Financial Problems

Robyn Dixon Talks Financial Setbacks Exclusive

Opening up!

Yesterday, we exclusively talked to Real Housewives of Potomac star Robyn Dixon about the information Ashley Darby shared this week about Dixon’s past financial struggles. In part two below, Dixon talked to us about if she would want to pursue a friendship with Darby after this and what happened with her finances in the past.

Robyn Dixon Financial Problems Exclusive

On if she would want to pursue a friendship with Darby, Dixon told us that, “I feel like Ashley was- like she said- literally thrown into the Cougars Den. I’m not calling myself a Cougar, but she was thrown into a unique situation being so young. She’s 27 and we’re ten years older than her. That age in your life? That’s a big difference. Me at 27- I probably was a little more polished than her– but you still have so much to learn. It sounds cliche, but it’s the God’s honest truth. I can say that at 36. At 27 I didn’t know anything and life doesn’t really start to get real until you’re in your 30’s and 40’s. I feel like I’m open to giving her another chance, though I didn’t really buy her reasoning or her excuse. I think she learned a lesson and I’m wiling to give her another chance.”

Dixon also clarified her finances, saying, “She (Ashley) was speaking about one small piece to a bigger story in both of our lives. No, that wasn’t the situation. We definitely- we got hit with a lot of financial setbacks, some of them that we could avoid and some of them that we couldn’t. They happened to come at the same time when Juan wasn’t working and didn’t have income. When it rains, it pours. For us, it was like a thunderstorm for three straight years. It was a very difficult and challenging time for us. It made us stronger as individuals. It made us stronger as a couple, partners, parents, or friends- whatever you want to call us. Going forward, we’re a lot smarter and a lot wiser. We were working our way up and building. Juan’s in the second part of his life and his career. I’m kind of doing the same thing. For us, it’s a building process.”

“Our story is not unique when it comes to losing money,” Dixon added. “People lost so much. We’ve seen that happen or hear about it all the time with the economy or losing a job or losing a loved one. It happens all the time. My story’s not unique. What is unique is that I’m willing to talk about it. A lot of people are embarrassed and they have shame behind that. They try to keep up certain appearances because their pride won’t let them let people know they’re having difficulties. I just hope people realize it’s okay.”

“Things happen,” Dixon wrapped with telling us. “Life has ups and downs and money comes and goes. It really doesn’t define who you are.”

We appreciate the candid conversation Dixon had with us.

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