Big Ang Death

Dr. Oz- Big Ang Was Scared

Opening Up

Earlier this week, Mob Wives star Big Ang‘s sit down interview with Dr. Oz aired on television. Not two days later, Ang lost her battle with cancer. Now, Dr. Oz opened up on Extra about his interview with Ang. What did he have to say?

Big Ang Death Dr. Oz Speaks About Interview

.”I don’t think Big Ang knew it was going to be so soon,” Dr. Oz shared. “But I think Big Ang was scared.”

She didn’t want anybody to forget the anguish on her face when she acknowledged that cigarettes killed her, stripped her life from her, that she lost decades that she could have spent with people she loved,” he continued. “I think that’s the number one thing that needs to get out about her legacy.”

“The second part of her message,” he elaborated, “was about her family, how dear they were to her, and in the darkest times you appreciate the people that love you the most. It’s also when you make your bravest decisions, like her decision to leave her husband. He wasn’t there for her, she thought she was taking care of him all the time and this was a time she needed to take care of herself.”

We are continuing to keep Ang’s family at the forefront of our thoughts and prayers.

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