Big Ang's Nieces Break Silence & Post Last Photos

So Sad!

We were deeply saddened to report this morning that Mob Wives star Big Ang tragically passed away after fighting stage four cancer. Her nieces, Jeannie Detore and Sonnie Detore, took to Instagram to share a note about Ang and final pictures with their Aunt. Waring: the pictures are graphic and are very upsetting to see.

Big Ang Death Nieces Break Silence and Share Last Pictures

Jeannie wrote, “And that’s where you’ll always find us … Right by your side?‍❤️‍?. You are our beautiful angel that is bigger than life. I will never encounter another human being so selfless like you. You’re one of a kind. Even on your worst days, you always wanted to know how I was doing or feeling. I know you will give me the strength to fulfill one of your wishes that you were begging for. You weren’t just an aunt to me, you were my big sister, my best friend, and a role model. A week ago you texted me that we needed to go to bora bora,I don’t care if I go all by myself because I know you’ll be right by my side. I love you more than you’ll ever know????. My heart is broken, but I know you’re in peace now my biggest best angel? … I miss you already. I miss how we would goof off together, shop together, or gang up on my mom when she didn’t agree with us! I miss every single thing about you.”

Here is the photo/post that Jeannie posted from Ang’s hospital room:

Big Ang Death

Her other niece, Sonnie, wrote, “You have my heart forever. I was so scared to come see you. Three weeks I waited. Oh I regret that so much. I miss your voice and your smile and your beautiful brown eyes. Even bald you were a star. You were in the room when I was born and from that day on you became my second mommy. When I seen you laying in the hospital bed my heart broke in half. You were strong and i always loved that about you. When life gets tough you get tougher. When I was a baby I would sleep at your house for days at a time. I wish I could do that now come over and just lay with you. Watch lifetime movies like we used to. All the great memories we have will never be forgotten you are permanently in my heart. You are my inspiration to keep working and fighting. I’m so lucky to have gone to Florida with you, me, Raquel, and baby sal. I will never forget how you would smile, I love that smile. You were the best auntie ever. Rest peacefully my auntie ? I will always be your bunny.”

Here is the photo/post Sonnie posted:

Big Ang Death

We are so sad to read their thoughts and see these photos.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Ang’s family and friends.

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