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Michael Abraham- I Never Physically Abused Debra Exclusive

Clearing Up The Rumors!

This week on Teen Mom: OG fans were shocked when Farrah Abraham’s mother, Debra Danielson, sat down Abraham’s boyfriend Simon Saran. The part that surprised fans the most was when Danielson claimed Saran reminded her of Farrah’s Dad, Michael Abraham, claiming he was “passive aggressive” and hinting at physical abuse. We spoke to Michael this morning exclusively to find out what he had to say in response to this.

Michael Abraham Debra Danielson Was Not Abused By Me Exclusive

I have never been treated for passive aggressive behavior,” Michael exclusively told us. “The only known thing is that I got arrested going after Derek twice. The first time I didn’t, the second time I did. I caught him in my home having sex with my daughter. That’s not passive aggressive.”
“This particular issue of her stating that really upset me,” Michael continued.
Michael also clarified that “I never was physically abusive to Debra. If I was, there would have been arrest records.”
“I think her intention was to ensure that her daughter is in a safe healthy relationship, but the way she went about it was completely wrong,” he further explained. “We’re divorced and there are HIPPA rules in the world, and that doesn’t just go to Doctor’s offices. That goes for people that are not authorized to speak on behalf of other people’s health and mental issues- especially when they’re false.”
So has Simon ever been abusive to Farrah?
We asked Michael this and he said, “There has been no incident or anything like that towards my daughter.
Finally, we asked where things stand between Debra and Michael. Currently, Michael said “they’re good” and “getting ready to celebrate Sophia’s seventh birthday.”
“Regardless,” Michael wrapped with telling us, “I was shocked and hurt by what Debra said on the episode.”
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