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Big Ang and Neil Made Peace Before She Died

A Peaceful End

Yesterday, tragic news broke that Mob Wives star Big Ang had passed away after battling stage four brain and lung cancer. Prior to news breaking about her cancer battle, news had been reported that Ang had separated from husband Neil Murphy. Ang’s sister, Janine Detore, exclusively revealed to Radar Online that Murphy and Ang made peace before she passed away. Read on for details/

Big Ang and Neil Made Peace Before She Died

Her husband was there the whole time,” Detore told Radar.

They didn’t have a fight,” she continued. “My sister was sick in the hospital. Do you really think Neil would fight with her? We would beat the shit out of him. He would never do that anyway.”

“He loves my sister, he does,” she added.

Detore also reveled she believes Ang forgave Murphy before she passed away, noting that, “My sister would never ever keep a grudge or hard feelings for anybody. She was just like that. You could do anything to her and she would be like, ‘Okay.’”

Our thoughts continue to be with Ang’s family during this tough time.

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