Big Ang Death

Karen & Carla Share Final Memories Of Big Ang

Beautiful Even With Her Last Breath!

Yesterday was an extremely grueling day with the awful news that Mob Wives star Big Ang had passed away. Yesterday evening, her costars Karen Gravano and Carla Facciolo shared detailed accounts of their last moments with Ang with E! News. What did they have to say?

Big Ang Daeth Carla and Karen Share Final Moments

“Even yesterday,” Gravano began by sharing, “when we were at the hospital, she was basically taking her last breath, she was beautiful. Her eyelashes. And she had lip gloss on. Her head was shaved, but it fit her.”

“When we first walked in the room,” Facciolo stated, “we didn’t know her head was gonna be shaved. So when we first seen her, we were like, ‘Ang, your eyelashes are so long,’ she was like, ‘I know, right?’  She was just happy about that.”

She was gonna go out with grace,” Gravano added, “and she did.”

Gravano also detailed that, “She wants us to celebrate her life. Coming here last night after leaving the hospital, I was sad, but when I woke up this morning and seen how many people…I was like how many people did she actually take pictures with? There were so many people. And such an outpouring of love.”

Facciolo then explained that, “There’s millions of pictures of people with Ang. And I’ve known because we’ve been out with her before and that woman took 100 pictures a night. Before they even came to us.”

“She was so happy, and I think in her death, she doesn’t want us to mourn,” Gravano elaborated. “She wants us to celebrate her.”

Our thoughts and prayers continue to  be with Ang’s family at this time.

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