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Kenya’s Boyfriend Tells All! Matt Jordan Exclusive Interview

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We’ve followed Kenya Moore‘s quest for love on The Real Housewives of Atlanta for 4 seasons, and this season she may have finally got it right! We recently met Kenya’s boyfriend Matt Jordan, a 28 year old personal trainer living in Atlanta. We sat down with Matt to discuss everything about the trip to Jamaica, and his relationship with Kenya. Check our our exclusive interview below!

Kenya Moore Boyfriend Matt Jordan Tells All Exclusive

Q: Were you looking forward to go to Jamaica with Kenya and the group?

A: “Absolutely! My focus is on Kenya and my relationship with her. Anytime spent with her is quality time for me, so I was definitely interested in going on the trip. I was a little nervous because I am not a fan of the show… nothing against it, i’ve just never watched it. So, I had very little information on the actual people that were going to be there. I had heard their names before, but I didn’t know any of them… the men or the women. But, I was really excited about going because my objective was and still is to get close to Kenya.”

​Q: Did you know about any of the drama between Kim and Kenya before coming on the trip? How did you feel when you realized​ all of this was going on and you had to sit down to have dinner with some members of the group not on good terms with Kenya?

A: “Kenya and I don’t spend our quality time talking about Kim or the other girls, so I didn’t have any prior knowledge of their situation going into Jamaica. This is not an environment that i’m accustomed to. Honestly, I don’t really get involved. I don’t really know what transpires or goes on… I’m focused on my relationship with Kenya. Most of these things don’t involve us as a couple, so I just let the ladies go through what they go through. They’ve been doing this a lot longer than i’ve been around.”


Q: How did you feel about camera’s following you guys into your private spa session where you guys got some romantic alone time?

A: “Oh God, yeah! I know you guys saw it on my eyes! I saw a clip of us in the hot tub on Instagram and I’m dropping my head, looking down at the water, and breaking eye contact. Kenya carries me through these situations… she’s so good at what she does. I’m still a little nervous when I see the cameras, but she’s so good at what she does, so she carries me through it. It’s like having a really strong player on your team.”


Q: What happened when you went to go have drinks with the guys? It seemed like things escalated really fast!

A: “To be honest, I didn’t wanna go anyway. I’m not acquainted with any of those men. I had no interest in going down and having drinks with them. Kenya encouraged me to go down there and hangout with the guys since she was going to hangout with the ladies. To be frank, I could have handled it better. I understood that it was not meant to be malicious. However, my environment growing up and my adult life… I never really played or invited that type of conversation. Going forward though, I respect those brothers.”

Q: What did you think about Kenya and some of the other ladies’ talking about Kim’s husband and his sexuality?

A: “I let the ladies do what they do. They talk about a lot of things, right? Everyone gets talked about I guess. I do believe that your behavior will somewhat dictate what they say. If you exhibit a certain behavior, that may be the focal point of their conversation. If you exemplify a certain behavior, it’s obvious the ladies are gonna talk about it.”


Q: When you guys attended the commercial shoot, how were you & Kenya feeling? It seemed as though you guys just ditched everyone, but i’m sure there is more to the story that we didn’t get to see.

A: “We kinda got there and got right on the paddle boat, and we literally paddled out for what was close to an hour. When we got back to shore, we sat off to the side and got to know each other. We were out in the water the entire time.”

Q: Unfortunately in the past, Kenya has been accused of paying men to be be her boyfriend or dates for the show. What do you have to say about that?

A: “That’s my lady at the end of the day and it’s hurtful to me when people say malicious things about her. The brother that said that is very weak in my opinion, for going on a national campaign to try to slander her image. That guy has faded off into oblivion, and she’s still having to address or talk about a lie. She’s onto me now and i’m sitting here years later, and I have to address a lie that another man made. That’s a beautiful woman, and let’s use a little bit of common sense for a second. Why would a beautiful, intelligent, secure woman like Kenya have to pay a man to date her? It doesn’t make sense. If you give it 10 seconds of common sense, you would see straight through it.”

“If you’re asking me indirectly if i’ve ever received any kind of donation or payment… ABSOLUTELY NOT. The last guy lied. At this point if people are still bringing it up when I just confirmed, they’re just trying to be hurtful and malicious.”

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If you’re in the Atlanta area and need a personal trainer, Matt’s the guy! He’s been a certified personal trainer for 7 years, specializing in weight loss and muscle development.

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